Halim seeds, garden cress seeds or Aliv seeds are often referred to as the new ‘super-food’. These garden cress seeds are categorized as ‘functional food’ because of all the nutritional qualities and health benefits they are loaded with. They are not only helpful in promoting overall health, but are also great for keeping a number of diseases at bay. Wondering about the benefits and uses of Aliv seeds? Check out here:

Aliv Seeds Or Halim Seeds - Benefits And Uses


If you are suffering from digestive problems, regular consumption of halim seeds will offer relief from indigestion and constipation. This fibre-rich food (contains around 7.6 g fibre per 100g seeds) keeps gastrointestinal diseases away and cleanses the digestive tract effectively. It also keeps obesity at bay.
Use Of Aliv Seeds: Chew some aliv seeds and wash it down with water for better bowel movements.

One Tbsp aliv seeds contain around 12 mg iron, which meets almost 60% of your body’s daily iron requirement.
Use Of Aliv Seeds: If you are suffering from anaemia, you can try having halim water twice or thrice daily for a couple of months to boost your haemoglobin levels. Mix a tsp lemon juice to your halim water to add a dash of vitamin C which will make your body absorb the iron better. READ MORE – Cumin for weight loss – Use This Flavourful Spice To Burn Belly Fat

Aliv seeds, categorized as ‘galactagogue’ make a great addition to the diet of lactating mothers considering these seeds help improve breast milk production by developing the mammary glands, expanding the lobes and inducing the branching of vesicles . Consuming aliv seeds help increase FSH, LH and prolactin levels.
Use Of Aliv Seeds: Aliv seeds can be mixed with sesame, dried coconut, pounded almonds, honey and coconut oil to make healthy balls, excellent for the post-partum phase.

Aliv seeds are loaded with proteins that help build your muscle mass if you can combine its intake with regular exercise. It is also beneficial to stop hair fall.
Uses Of Aliv Seeds: If you are on a weight loss regime, having halim water first thing in the morning can be really useful. It will help satiate your hunger pangs and reduce your urge to overeat. To stop hair fall, add 8-10 seeds into a cup of water and let it soak overnight. Drink this water in the morning for health hair.

BOOSTS LUNG FUNCTION: Loaded with plant-based active compounds, aliv seeds help boost lung function. It is certainly a must-have food during seasonal changes.
Use Of Aliv Seeds: Chew a tsp of aliv seeds to keep sore throat and cough away.


While these seeds are good for health, it is important to remember that nothing in excess is good for you. It is absolutely safe to consume 1 tbsp or 12g of aliv seeds a day, thrice a week. It is always better to ask your doctor before including them in your regular diet. READ MORE – WAYS TO USE FENUGREEK SEEDS FOR FASTER AND THICKER HAIR GROWTH

The following ideas will help you integrate halim seeds in your diet plan effortlessly:

  • Dry roast aliv seeds and once they cool down, store in an air-tight jar. Sprinkle them in your salads and soups when possible.
  • Soak 1 tbsp aliv seeds in 1 glass of water. This halim water can be consumed empty stomach, next morning.
  • You can make herbal tea with aliv seeds and add honey to it.
  • Have your aliv seeds as a bowl of raita. You can add sprouted aliv seeds to curd.
  • Have it as delicious dessert in the form of aliv seed halwa.

Caution – Halim seeds or garden cress seeds have amazing health benefits however, over consumption of these seeds can be harmful. The recommended serving size is 12 gms, 2-3 times a week or as recommended by your dietician.