Castor Oil is one of the most popular oils and offers a plethora of health and beauty benefits, sorting out all problems from the root. Castor Oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, essential amino acid and omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids, which fortify the hair and skin with moisture. It is extremely beneficial and a one-stop solution for healthy skin, hair, nails, eyebrows, eyelashes, feet, beard, and much more. Here are amazing different ways to use castor oil before going to bed –

Castor Oil 10  Overnight Remedies

Smooth feet –  Castor oil has exfoliating properties which makes it an excellent remedy to smooth dry rough or cracked feet. Mix castor oil with

Longer Lashes – This carrier oil helps to strengthen and volumize your eyelashes. It is the best overnight treatment for your eyelashes. Mix equal amount of castor oil along with coconut oil and store it in a clean mascara tube. Apply a small amount on your eyelashes using a mascara wand for healthy and longer lashes.

Stretch marks – Warm some castor oil by placing a bowl of castor oil in a bowl of hot water. Mix the warm oil with fresh aloe vera gel. Massage it for few mins on the affected area and leave it on overnight.

Healthy Skin – Use castor oil every day to massage your face, it has nourishes vitamins and minerals for healthy skin. It is also non-comedogenic and won’t clog the pores. U a few drops on your night cream or make your own natural night cream by mixing 2 tbsp of shea butter or aloe vera gel along with 1 tbsp of castor oil. Mix it all well and apply it as a sleeping mask to wake up to glowing and healthy skin.

Thicker eyebrow – For thicker eyebrows, use castor oil every night before going to bed. The best way to use castor oil for thicker eyebrows is to use it along with essential oil. Mix 1 tbsp of castor oil with 2+ drops of peppermint essential oil. apply it on your eyebrows every night for thicker eyebrows.

Smooth Lips – Mix castor oil with honey and apply it on your lips to smooth dry chapped lips and also lighten dark pigmentated lips naturally.

Hair Growth – Castor Oil helps re-grow hair and also prevent hair loss. It makes the hair follicles stronger thus providing a solution to baldness. It also helps control hair fall and premature graying of hair. For an overnight hair growth remedy use castor oil to massage your scalp before going to bed. Mix castor oil with black seed oil and use 2-3 drops on your fingers and massage it on your scalp once a week.

Lighten pigmentation – Castor oil helps to heal and hydrate the skin to lock in moisture. Mix 1 tbsp of castor oil along with 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel. Smooth a thicker layer on the pigmentation before going to bed. Use it also under your eyes to lighten dark circles.

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