Deep clean, refresh and rejuvenate your scalp by exfoliating your scalp using a scalp scrub. A scalp scrub helps to remove dirt, excess oil, product buildup, dead skin, unclog hair follicles and also stimulate circulation that will help to clear dandruff and also stop hair fall. ALOE VERA SCALP SCRUB […]

Minerals in tap water, chemicals used in hair products can cause dry, damaged hair while environmental pollutants can dry out skin, and can damage your skin’s protective barrier that can lead to aging, acne, and irritation, etc. it is really important to make some important changes in our diet and […]

Treat your hair overnight with these amazing all natural hair growth boosting miracle water recipes – Aloe water = deep conditioning Aloe vera is often used to treat hair-related problems, such as hair loss, itchy scalp, dandruff concern. to control hair fall and dandruff. It has properties to smoothen dry, […]