I’m sure that everybody is aware that hair comes in different types and textures, but did you know that there are different combs and hair brushes that cater to all these hair types and textures?

Types of Hair Brushes with Benefits

Is it necessary to use the right type of hair brush? Does it actually make a difference to our hair? Well, check out this article to find out!

Hair brushes and combs

Hair brushes and combs come in different types to serve different purposes, from styling of hair, frizz reduction, detangling of hair, combing of wet hair etc. So, it is always important to buy the right one.

Here are the different types of hair brushes and combs you can buy:

  1. Wide tooth comb:

I’m sure you might have heard that you should never brush or comb wet hair because the hair roots are at their weakest when its wet.

Well, once your hair is damp and you want to get rid of tangles, or even if you want to comb your hair that is thick, dry, coarse, curly or tangled, then the wide tooth comb is the best one for you. These combs help get rid of tangles easily, without damaging the hair, as they prevent friction occurring between the hair strands, in turn reducing hair breakage and damage.

  1. Boar bristle hair brush:

This brush works well on any hair type. Boar bristles are known to brush the hair without tugging on the hair strands and can help cause lesser hair damage. When you use this kind of a brush, it will help reduce frizz by evenly distributing the hair’s natura oils all over the hair and will also help renew hair lustre, shine and sheen.

  1. Rat tail hair comb:

Well, this one I’m sure most of you would have seen your hair stylist use it. This comb is best suited for those into hair styling. The pointed end of the comb will help you partition or section your hair easily, so as to style your hair.

  1. Detangling hair comb:

No matter what your hair type or texture is, this comb will suit you. It helps detangle the hair easily. The best part is that even if you do use it on wet hair, it will help prevent excessive hair breakage and damage. Even then, it is not recommended you work with wet hair. READ MORE – HOT TOWEL THERAPY to get rid of several hair problems

  1. Rounded hair brush:

Rounded hair brushes are helpful to those with thick and coarse hair, which is wavy or curly. Also, it can be used on any hair type when blow-drying the hair and this is because the brush has a metal barrel. When the blow dryer blows out heat onto this barrel it heats up and helps style the hair better. It can also help keep frizz at bay.

  1. Regular hair brush or paddle brush:

Well, paddle brushes are most people’s go to hair brushes. It will help reduce static created when we comb our hair and when the friction between the hair strands is lesser, it will reduce hair damage. It helps smoothen out the hair and reduces hair frizziness as well.

General tip when combing or brushing hair

The best way to comb or brush your hair is by starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. If your hair is long, make sure to hold your tresses when getting rid of the tangles. This will help reduce the pressure applied on the roots of the hair. READ MORE  – HAIR STEAMING – how-to and benefits