Hot towel therapy, also known as hot turban therapy or hair steaming treatment is a well-known hack for your hair which has multiple benefits associated with it. It is simply a method of steaming your hair with a hot towel wrapped around your head, keeping your hair moist, as it creates a humid environment for the scalp and hair. This allows the opening up of the hair follicles. This method is a simple cost-effective method to get back your damaged hair to its healthy state.


Here are some of the benefits of hot towel therapy:

1. Deep penetration into the hair roots:

Hot towel therapy will help the oil penetrate deep into the roots and hair shaft. As a result of which, hair health can be restored and can also help treat dandruff. It will thereafter allow hair products like hair oils, hair conditioners, hair masks etc, to penetrate deep into the roots and hair and provide nourishment to the scalp and hair.

2. Rids the scalp and hair of buildup and impurities:

This therapy helps to detoxify and purify the scalp and hair, as it can help remove the product build up and impurities caught in our scalp and hair. Therefore, it can help facilitate optimal absorption of moisture. It helps unclog the pores on the scalp and allows the impurities and toxins to be released from them.

3. Hair nourishment:

Since the hair oil can get deeply penetrated, the hair gets nourished right from its root and it can help maintain your hair and also treat dry and damaged hair to bringing it back to its healthy state. It can also aid hair growth and hair length and make the hair follicles stronger.

4. Improves blood circulation of the scalp:

This therapy can help stimulate blood circulation on the scalp and trigger off the production of collagen, which is one of the main structural components of our skin, which can also aid in hair growth and hair regeneration, thus improving the condition of the scalp.      

5. Hair growth and hair strengthening:

This therapy allows the hair to absorb maximum moisture and this helps in making the hair strands stronger and improve its elasticity and enhances its moisture retention capability, making the hair more resilient, which is beneficial for people who often style their hair or have chemically treated their hair. READ MORE – 6 BEST SCALP SCRUB RECIPES FOR THICKER HAIR GROWTH


Here’s how you can do it, if you wish to try this towel therapy at home:

Things you’ll need:

  • Hair oil of your choice
  • Towel (which is thinner in texture and lighter in weight)

Step 1: Scalp massage

You can massage your scalp with warm hair oil of your choice.

Step 2: Hair deep conditioning

Warm up some hair oil of your choice and take some in your hands. Run your hands together and coat your fingertips and gently apply it on your hair using your downward strokes. Do not over oil your hair. Then, secure your hair in a loose bun. Leave it on for one to two hours. If you wish to you can also cover your hair with a shower cap to retain the heat.

Tip: You can also use a mixture of two oils in order to get the benefirts of both the oils.

Step 3: Hot towel treatment

Warm up the water and do not make it too hot as well. Then soak your towel into the water for a few seconds and then take your towel out and wring out all the water. See that it is not too hot or else it will burn your scalp. Then take your towel, put it over your forehead and then over your head, tucking the sides underneath your ears, crisscrossing it at your neck area and twist it around at the back a couple of times before bringing it up to the top of your head and tuck it in at one side. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. If you feel like your towel has cooled down, you can put it back in warm water and repeat the process.

Please Note: You can also wrap the towel around your hair in the traditional method of how you wrap it around your wet hair after a head bath.

Step 4:  Remove the towel very gently and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner. READ MORE – Skinny Recipes: 6 Drinks That Can Help You Get Rid of Belly Fat