Minerals in tap water, chemicals used in hair products can cause dry, damaged hair while environmental pollutants can dry out skin, and can damage your skin’s protective barrier that can lead to aging, acne, and irritation, etc. it is really important to make some important changes in our diet and […]

Homemade scrubs are a recipe for healthy, glowing skin! Budget friendly, natural, always fresh, absolutely chemical free- is there anything not to like? Body scrubs exfoliates your skin and make it glowy and healthy. You could spend hundreds of dollars on fancy exfoliating body scrubs, but you can easily make […]

Often we hear the tag ‘super-food’ when it comes to flaxseeds. But why is it being recognized as a super food and what are the benefits associated with these tiny brownish seeds? Also, how safe is it to consume flaxseeds and how much should you consume if you plan to […]

 Clear Skin tea is specially made using flowers that will make your skin glow and look beautiful. Your Skin Will Love this tea made of flowers that will rejuvenate You From The Inside Out. It will detox to get rid of toxins and promote clear, glowing skin naturally. BENEFITS – […]

Provides instant hydration to your skin, to create a more glowing and youthful complexion. This Lightweight and versatile face and body mist will restore your skin’s pH balance and absorb excess oils for clear, healthy skin. You can easily make this face mist using just 2 ingredients by using steam […]