There is no denial that healthy-looking hair is a great complement to our looks. While genes, hormones, health conditions, medication, and age do affect hair growth, proper nutrition plays a major role. Let’s take a look at five best vitamins that’s beneficial for healthy hair growth along with food sources […]

“Rinse your mouth properly” … “Brush your teeth well” …sounds familiar isn’t it? These are some ageless statements that are heard from parents regardless of the generation. Though it may get monotonous hearing it repeatedly, it is important to pay heed to them because these forms the base for a […]

India’s very own carom seeds (ajwain) is a must-have and one of the most-loved spices across Indian households. Alongside being known for its distinct flavour that enhances the taste of several dishes, carom seeds are much appreciated as a humble medicine too. They are commonly used in Ayurvedic and Siddha medicine. […]