A Moisturizing lotion that is a highly enriched with aloe vera and rose water. Its creamy texture quickly absorbs into the skin providing long lasting hydration leaving your skin glowing and healthy. To make this natural moisturizer you will need – Aloe vera and Rose water as a main ingredient, […]

Deep clean, refresh and rejuvenate your scalp by exfoliating your scalp using a scalp scrub. A scalp scrub helps to remove dirt, excess oil, product buildup, dead skin, unclog hair follicles and also stimulate circulation that will help to clear dandruff and also stop hair fall. ALOE VERA SCALP SCRUB […]

Make this hair oil that is infused with hair growth boosting herbs and seeds that penetrates deep into the roots and providing with┬árevitalizing and strengthening nutrition that your hair needs. The oil will help in healthy hair growth, strengthen the hair roots, prevent hair fall and also maintain the luster […]

Your scalp can be aggravated by hyperactive oil glands, hair products, environmental pollutants causing oil/ dirt build-up and stress leading to hair fall, oily and dandruff-prone scalp.  It is important to have a healthy scalp to promote hair growth and strengthen hair follicles. So here are amazing scalp products you […]