This face serum is one that can give your skin a glow like never before! It is made from some of the best and most effective ingredients for the skin like aloe vera gel, oil and licorice oil (if you wish to add it and I recommend you do!), to give your skin a good complexion and improve the health of your skin in no time. Check out this article for the simple face serum recipe below!


Benefits of aloe vera gel for skin:

A lot of people suffer from skin problems like rash or acne. Aloe vera can act as an anti-acne medicine. It contains vitamin C and vitamin E which are helpful to keep one’s skin healthy and radiant.

Aloe vera is rich in vitamins and can contribute to cell turnover, a natural process that involves the constant shedding of dead skin cells and the replacement of it with younger skin cells, over a period of time. It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that can help cure and heal skin ailments. It can also help lighten the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone and complexion.

Benefits of using oil on your skin:

Combining oil with aloe vera gel makes for a great skin glowing serum because oil can help increase and stimulate the production of collagen in the skin that can help keep the skin healthy as it can increase skin elasticity. Thus, the skin can remain youthful and younger for longer periods of time.

Rose water can also help promote better skin health and skin complexion, thus improving one’s skin glow and can reduce skin dullness.


How to make this overnight face serum at home?


  • Organic aloe vera gel – 2 Tbsp – buy here 
  • rose water  – 2 Tbsp – buy here 
  • Licorice oil or Bakuchiol oil  – 1 tsp – buy here

To make:

Into a mixing bowl, add in the organic aloe vera gel and rose water along with some licorice oil. Give it a good mix until it emulsifies (you will observe the color has changed). Then it is ready to use.

To use: Use this as a moisturizing cream on your skin every night before you go to bed. Use a good broad spectrum sunscreen in the morning.

To store: Store this face serum in a sterilized bottle for upto two months.

Why adding licorice oil into this face serum will benefit your skin?

Licorice is an herb of which its roots are used for medicinal purposes and also known as glycyrrhizic acid. The root of licorice contains iso-flavonoids that can help keep pigmentation at bay. It can act as a natural skin lightening alternative to chemical hydroquinone. It can help promote the skin with brightness. It can also be used to treat skin conditions like acne or eczema. It can also help fade scar marks caused by injuries or any other marks of scarring by evening out one’s skin tone. For those who have tanned skin, using licorice oil can help make the skin look brighter. It can also help protect the skin from sun damage.

Bakuchiol oil is a natural retinol that helps reduce signs of aging and also used to help treat hyperpigmentation, as it is a natural remedy to even out skin tone and brighten skin. It helps boost collagen production and increases the rate of skin cell turnover for younger healthy skin.

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