Castor oil packing or the use of castor oil packs maybe something new and unheard of to many of you guys. But the reality is that this technique has been used since olden times for its therapeutic benefits and is renowned for its effectiveness when used. These castor oil packs have multiple benefits to skin, bowel functioning, joints, liver and gall bladder, etc.

So, if you are new to this technique, check out this article for all the details about what a castor oil pack is, how to make it at home and of course, learn the right way to use them for healing.

How to Make and Use Castor Oil Packs

What are castor oil packs?

A castor oil pack is one that has a piece of thick or dense cloth (or woolen material) soaked in castor oil and is then applied to the skin. The reason castor oil packs are used for multi-purpose healing in the body is because castor oil contains essential fatty acids (mainly ricinoleic acid) that can help move the chemical energy inside the body, in turn causing bodily detoxification.

Benefits of castor oil pack –

Boost circulation and detox – One of the best castor oil pack benefits is aiding liver function which can help gently cleanse, increase circulation and detox the body.

Treat back pain – Massage your muscles with castor oil to get instant relief from soreness or place the castor oil pack on the affected area such as the back, wrists or knees and apply warm heat.

Healthy skin – Castor oil penetrates into the layers of the skin and stimulates collagen production. Regular application helps soften your skin, fades age spots and prevents wrinkles. Using castor oil around the eyes helps remove eye bags and fine lines. Use castor oil to massage your face and body everyday for atleast 10 mins.

Joint pain and reduce inflammation – Castor oil is a great remedy for treating the pain caused by arthritis. A castor oil pack can provide relief from the joint and tissue pain.

Soothe Period cramps – Massage castor oil on your stomach to soothe to relieve stomach pain, knee pain and back pain. Just pour a few drops of castor oil in your belly button and massage a few drops all around the naval area

Stop hair fall – Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid that can help lock moisture in the hair and can promote healthier hair and a cleaner scalp, in turn promoting better hair growth right from the hair follicles. Make a hair mask with equal parts of castor oil and onion juice and apply on your hair once every week.

Sleep – A castor oil pack below your feet relaxes the strained muscles and nerves and also improves blood circulation. Regular oiling of feet not only promote sound sleep, but also uplifts your mood and reduces anxiety thereby contributing to your overall wellbeing.

How to make DIY castor oil packs at home? You can buy the required materials needed to make a castor oil pack and do it yourself at home!

Here’s what you will need:

  • Castor oil
  • A thick piece of cotton cloth
    (Or woolen cloth)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A pair of tongs

To make the castor oil pack:

Step 1: Cut a cotton cloth into a rectangular piece of size 10X12 inches. You can even cut them into smaller strips, all depending on where you wish to use them.

Step 2: Place the sheet of cloth on a table and pour castor oil onto it. Once fully immersed in the oil, it is ready to use.

How to use castor oil packs the right way?

1. Place the castor oil pack on the area which needs to be treated and press it against the skin on that area.

Examples of use: For stomach issues like constipation, digestive issues etc, place the castor oil pack on the stomach or lower abdomen. For joint pains, leg pain etc., place the castor oil pack on the place of the injury/pain.

3. Once you’ve pressed the castor oil pack against your skin, you can place another cloth or towel over the area to cover it up (you could also tape it there), to be able to hold in the heat for healing.

4. Then, leave the castor oil pack in that position for around 45 – 60 minutes for the best healing effects.

5. After the stipulated time is over, remove the castor oil pack and wipe the area with a warm damp towel.