If you are vegan, lactose intolerant, or both, then finding the milk of your choice can be hard. Well, have you ever tried out his super yummy, calcium-filled milk, which can be made at home by just using sesame seeds?

Yes, this sesame seed milk is a super amazing alternative to regular cow milk and is a great option for those who are vegan, lactose intolerant, or both!

vegan milk

Check out the benefits of sesame seed milk below, along with a simple recipe on how to make it at home.

What are the benefits of drinking sesame seed milk?

  1. Rich in calcium

Calcium is a very vital ingredient for overall bodily health and sesame seeds are a rich source of calcium.

One tablespoon of sesame seeds provides 87.80 milligrams (mg) of calcium.

  1. Can aid in weight loss

Consuming sesame seed milk can help promote weight loss as sesame seeds are rich in fiber and plant-based protein that can aid better digestion, while also keeping your stomach fuller for longer hours, thus reducing the intake of food, in turn reducing drastic calorie intake.

  1. Can keep cholesterol under control

Sesame seed milk can help keep cholesterol and triglyceride levels in check. These seeds also are low in carbohydrates and have a lot of healthy fats and protein.

  1. Rich in antioxidants for healthy skin and hair 

Antioxidants are very essential for boosting one’s body’s immunity and keeping the body away from diseases. Sesame seeds contain sesamolin and sesamin, which are some of the antioxidants found in sesame seeds.

  1. Contains nutrients for healthy eyes

Sesame seed milk is rich in nutrients like zinc, iron, vitamin B6, vitamin E, etc, which are very essential in aiding various functions in the body.

  1. Can keep blood sugar in regulation

Sesame seed milk contains a compound called “pinoresinol”, that can help reduce the activity of a substance called “maltase” (a digestive enzyme), which can help break down sugar maltose, which is found in most sugar-based products.

How to make sesame seed milk at home?

Here’s a simple DIY recipe of how to make this super nutritious sesame seed milk at home.


1/4 cup sesame seeds – white or black



Step 1: Soaking the sesame seeds overnight

Into a bowl, add 1/4 cup of white sesame seeds. Then, put in 1 glass of water. Give it a stir and leave it to soak overnight, keeping the bowl covered.

Note: You can also soak this for 8 hours during the day if you do not wish to soak it overnight.

Step 2: Straining the soaked sesame seeds

After the sesame seeds have been soaked for at least 8 hours, you will require to strain these seeds.

Step 3: Making the milk

Once you’ve strained the soaked sesame seeds, add them into a mixer blender, along with a glass of water. Blend this well until it reaches a smooth consistency.

Step 4: Strain and serve

After the sesame seeds have blended in well with the water, you can strain this mixture and the sesame seed milk is ready to consume/use.

Tips for flavoring the sesame seed milk (optional):

  • You can add dates, figs, or any other dry fruit while blending.
  • Adding honey, maple syrup or date syrup can be a natural sweetener to your sesame milk.
  • Cinnamon powder, cardamom powder, etc, can act as flavorings to your sesame milk if you do not wish to consume it plain.