List of 20 best natural healers you can find in your kitchen. COCONUT OIL – One of the best healthy oils to use in your cooking is coconut oil. Apart from the health benefits, coconut oil as a lot of beauty benefits too. Benefits – Detox body, heal bruise, healthy […]

We truly believe and swear by grandma’s beauty remedies! They are super effective, all natural and super gentle yet potent. Ayurveda remedies are all natural and uses most of your kitchen products. In a look out for some natural beauty fixes? Look no further than your own kitchen! CINNAMON FOR […]

Sinus is nothing but sinus inflammation or sinusitis. It isn’t a severe condition but can cause runny nose, frequent sneezing, headaches and a lot of discomfort. If you suffer from frequent mild sinusitis, it is better to improve your immunity and also treat it by home remedies! Below are the […]

Clean and clear skin is an assurance that you are eating healthy, following a proper skin care routine and good personal hygiene. If you have acne prone skin, you might want to take extra care and use specific effective skin care ingredients apart from eating healthy. Looking out for natural […]

Do you see black spots or dots and texture on your legs? It is probably strawberry legs! The name itself depicts the strawberry skin texture and can be a result of shaving and/or ingrown hair. Regular exfoliation and moisturization can help treat this, below are a few remedies you might […]