Are you having a tough time falling asleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night often? You probably are suffering from insomnia or lack of sleep. Factors like stress, improper sleeping routine, hectic work schedules, etc. can trigger this. Before you pop that sleeping medicine, try the […]

Rosemary is one of the best popular herbs knows for its beauty benefits and is especially found in many of the commercial hair care products. The herb not only purifies the scalp, increases the blood circulation but also boosts hair growth, fights dandruff, scalp acne, and makes your hair longer, […]

We are all born with baby soft glowing skin and we wish we could all retain it for a lifetime! As we age, factors like pollution, saggy skin, hormonal changes, sun tan, dead skin buildup, etc. Can make your skin look lifeless and dull. Turmeric and saffron are two amazing […]

Essential oils are potent botanical extracts that are great for use in home and beauty. Essential oils are dominantly used in beauty recipes, both homemade and commercial thanks to its amazing skin care and hair care properties. Today, in this article let us look at top essential oils for hair […]

People often complain about butt acne, uneven skin tone on the butt, stretch marks, whiteheads etc. We often exfoliate our facial skin and body but never really pay special attention to the butt. Just like the rest of our body, acne can appear on the butt as well. It is […]

Ants, rather any insect in the house can be a nuisance! It definitely isn’t attractive and who wants bug and insect bites anyway? Insects especially ants can be a mess if you have a home garden, plants in your windows etc. Red ants can bite and be it any kind […]