Nothing is more soothing and satisfying than receiving a nice head massage, especially after a tiring day or a tiring week. The Ayurvedic head massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment practiced in India since years and is still in practice.


The Ayurvedic massage focuses mainly on the pressure points on the head, shoulder and neck region to promote various sorts of healing to the body. This is traditionally called ‘Shiro Abhyanga, meaning “head massage” in Sanskrit. It starts with the application of oil on the head and moves down the strands of the hair to the neck up to the shoulders. This Ayurvedic massage can benefit one’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as well.

What are the benefits of this massage?

  • Can help relieve headaches, migraines, neck pain and shoulder pain.
  • Improves blood circulation on the scalp and can promote hair growth and strength to the hair follicles.
  • Can provide relief from anxiety, stress and can help treat insomnia by promoting better sleep.
  • Relaxes the muscles and promote quicker healing and preventing inflammatory diseases.
  • Promotes rejuvenation of the body and mind by promoting a sense of calmness and stillness, also reducing tiredness and fatigue.
  • Can prevent hair loss and premature greying of hair.

How is it done? The traditional practice is usually done by trained Ayurvedic professionals, where the client lies down on the back on the shirodhara table and then warm medicated liquids are poured onto the forehead.  But the simpler version can be even done as a self-massage or with the help of another person, even at home.

You could follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Heat up the required amount of oil in a small bowl. Let the oil be warm and not too hot. Heating up the oil stimulates blood circulation and can lead to better distribution of nutrients to the hair follicles and promotes faster hair growth and hair strengthening.
Step 2: Take some of this warm oil into your palms, partition your hair and apply this evenly on your scalp.

Step 3: From the sides of the head, right from the temple up to the crown of the head, work your way up massaging your head with gentle and circular motions, but with sufficient application of pressure. Do this four to five times and then reverse the direction by starting at the crown of the head and downwards up to the temples and repeat, four to five times.

Step 4: Once that portion is over, massage your entire scalp using circular motions and just using your fingertips.
Step 5: After completing that step, using your palms gently squeeze your palms against your temples and move in circular motions. Do not apply too much pressure.


Step 6: Once that step has been completed, tilt your head downwards and massage your head from your crown downwards up to the neck region and then reverse the direction. Repeat this in both directions four to five times.
Step 7: Then, slowly applying slight pressure using your fingers, press downwards on your shoulder region.

Step 8: After this step, using your thumbs, rub the area behind your ears, by applying slight pressure.
Step 9: Lastly, interlock your palms together and pressing downwards with slight pressure move your interlocked hands all over your scalp.
Step 10: You can relax for fifteen minutes to half an hour after the massage and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Make your own Ayurvedic oil at home with these simple ingredients:


  • 1½ cup coconut oil
  • 10 – 12 neem, mint or rosemary leaves


In a pan, add in the coconut oil or any other hair oil of your choice – Top 10 best hair oils – benefits and how to use and let it get warm up, on a low flame. Then add in the neem, mint or rosemary leaves and wait for few minutes until the leaves start to shrivel up. Let it warm up for a few more minutes and then you can turn off the flame and let it sit for a few minutes, so that the ingredients get infused into the coconut oil. Then strain this oil into container using a muslin cloth. You can store this oil and warm up only how much is required for the massage. If you do not have herbs you can add few drops of essential oil to the oil.