Conventional antiperspirants include potential risks to cancer and Alzheimer’s due to the possible effects of the aluminum used in it. Armpit detox is important if you want to switch from chemical-laden deodorants to more natural choices and allow your body to adjust to the new natural routine and you’ll experience less sweat and body odor. This armpit detox spray will act as a natural deodorant that will keep your armpits dry and fresh.


Apple cider vinegar – It is also a great natural deodorant. Apple cider vinegar will help to maintain a healthy PH level in your sweat. It purifies and illuminates your underarm skin while speeding and easing the transition to natural deodorants. The vinegar gently exfoliates and brightens the skin.

Essential Oil – Use essential oil tea tree oil or lavender essential oil, essential oils have antibacterial properties to fight sweat and odor. READ MORE – DETOX SCALP FOR HEALTHY AND FASTER HAIR GROWTH

You will need –

  • Filtered Water or Rosewater – 1 cup
  • Raw Apple cider vinegar with the mother – 1-2 Tbsp
  • Lavender Essential Oil – Few drops

To use – Pour rose water and vinegar to a glass spray bottle and shake it well to mix. Add in few drops of essential oil. Spray it under your arms and let it dry. The vinegar smell will fade away. Use the vinegar spray until your armpits feel clean and fresh.

Switching to natural deodorant can make your armpits sweaty & stinky time – it can take weeks or longer to flush out the toxins. This armpit detox spray will leave your armpits deeply cleansed, softer, smoother & brighter, making it the perfect to keep armpits happy, even after the transition. READ MORE – OVERNIGHT HAIR THICKENING SPRAY – STOP HAIR FALL AND REGROW THINNING HAIR

Caution – patch test before use.