RICE WATER CUBES for smooth, healthy skin

An ice cube facial cools off the skin, soothes sunburn or irritated skin to moisturize & calm the skin. Use ice on your face, neck, and chest every morning to make your skin look revitalized and youthful. It also prevents wrinkle formation and lifts your face. Ice cubes when mixed with other powerful ingredients will make for a perfect ice mask for healthy skin.



Fermented Rice Water contains vitamins A, B and E, minerals, and ceramide to brighten and nourish dry skin. Its natural ingredients remove impurities leaving skin soft, supple, and tone. It also helps to relieve dry skin, reduce flaking, and helps to maintain the skin barrier. Rice helps to smooth the skin and leaves you with a radiant, brightened complexion. Skin texture is significantly enriched, and bounciness is restored by using fermented rice water, particularly in the case of dry and thirsty skin. READ MORE – GLOW SERUM – GET HEALTHY, GLOWING SKIN


You will need –

Organic Rice – 1/2 cup
Filtered Water – 1 cup

To make – Rinse rice thoroughly with water to remove any dirt or impurities. Add the washed rice into a jar and pour in the filtered water. Cover the jar and let it sit for 3-4 hours to ferment. Pour the fermented water to an ice cube tray and freeze until hardened.

To use – After face wash, pop an ice cube and then warm it up between your hands for 5 secs and then rub it gently on your face until it melts. Do nor rinse off, pat dry or let your face air dry and moisturize as usual.

Use a sunscreen every single day even if you are at home to protect your skin. The blue light from the mobile or laptop can damage your skin. So apply your sunscreen and reapply after every 2 hours. READ MORE – OVERNIGHT HAIR THICKENING SPRAY – STOP HAIR FALL AND REGROW THINNING HAIR