Hair fall or thinning hair can worsen over time if proper care isn’t taken. While there are a lot of commercial hair care products that claim to treat hair fall or regrow thinning hair, you can use natural ingredients with hair growth-boosting properties to make your own hair thickening spray that will repair and treat your hair overnight.



Aloe vera – Aloe vera has anti-microbial and hair growth boosting properties. It is a well-known ingredient to add shine and moisture to your hair while repairing any damage and keeping your hair healthy. Aloe vera is used in a lot of commercial hair care products due to its many benefits. So here is a recipe where you can use aloe vera to make your very own all natural hair spray at home.

Black castor oil- Black castor oil is made out of roasted castor seeds that helps to strengthen healthy hair; & moisturize dry or damaged hair, stop hair fall and promote hair growth. The oil adds a nice healthy shine to the hair and also helps reduce frizz and tangling.

Essential oils are concentrated compounds of natural sources that are highly potent and work really well for hair thinning issues. READ MORE – TEA TREE FACE MIST TO TREAT AND PREVENT ACNE


Things you need-

  • 1/2 cup aloe vera gel
  • 1 tablespoons black castor oil
  • 6+ drops peppermint essential oil


In a blender jar, add fresh aloe vera gel that is extracted from an organic aloe vera leaf ( do not add water). Add in a tbsp of black castor oil and blend until smooth. If there are still lumps then strain the blended aloe vera juice using a fine strainer. Pour everything in a spray bottle and add in few drops of essential oil.

Protein hair mask for thicker hair growth

Shake it well before spray it on your hair after hair wash or before going to bed. For a leave-in hair spray. Spray it all over your hair and style as usual. READ MORE – RICE WATER SKIN BRIGHTENING FACE MIST