A lot of people are concentrating to lose weight but what if someone who is naturally lean and has a lower body weight than healthy weight? Weight gain can be difficult for people with a high metabolic rate. We hear a lot that eating junk foods like potato chips, French fries, drinking sodas, eating burgers and pizzas, etc. help in gaining weight but they do not provide healthy nutrition.


So, it is best to gain weight through healthy food and diet. Make notes on how many calories you are eating and how many you are losing a day. Let’s check what those foods are which help you gain weight and at the same time provide you nutrients as well.

Avocado – It consists of healthy fats that are great for your heart as well with many other important nutrients as well. Add avocados to your diet to increase the body weight. Try using it in your smoothies or salads or even on a toast for a healthy breakfast.

Yogurt – Add yogurt to your daily diet to add enough calories to your body for a healthy weight gain. Have flavored yogurt in snacks or mix few yogurts with fresh fruits in it for better taste.

Potato – People who want to lose weight are always advised to cut down on carbs. Eat potato with its peel to get most of its nutrients to gain weight. Consume grilled or baked potatoes.

Eggs – Whole eggs are very rich in proteins, vitamins, and good cholesterol for a healthy weight gain. To add eggs to your diet try making different recipes with it and consume almost every day. READ MORE – TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL – BENEFITS AND USES

Cheese – Cheese is something that can be added to almost any dish to make it super yummy. The many nutritional benefits and fats of cheese can help to gain weight.

Nuts – For snacks have a handful of nuts, you can choose them for a healthy weight gain since they contain healthy oils and fats. Few of the healthy nuts include almonds, macadamia, cashews, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Whole wheat bread – Avoid the white bread and add whole wheat bread to your diet instead. Whole wheat consists of so many nutrients which lack in the refined wheat. Weather wheat or not, you can check for bread with whole grains in it. This healthy snack will keep you healthy and increase weight at the same time.

Butter – You cannot consume butter regularly since it can prove bad for your heart but it can definitely provide you healthy weight. Try using peanut butter instead of regular butter which is full of proteins and fats. Just a tablespoon can provide you 100 calories, folates, vitamin E, vitamin B3 and magnesium.

Banana – Everyone knows that bananas are great to increase weight. A ripe banana can supplement you with about 100 calories. Add to your smoothies or just eat a banana everyday.

Few other food items which can be included to your diet are baked acorn squash, beans, dry fruits, bagels, cornbread, pasta, brown rice, soy beans, etc. So, plan your diet well and increase your weight. READ MORE – TREAT DARK SPOTS OVERNIGHT