Ginger is an amazing spice that is widely used for its wonderful health and beauty benefits. Due to the amazing benefits, ginger is considered a virtual medicine chest. It is widely used in Ayurveda medicine as it is effective in treating a lot of health problems. To fully enjoy the medicinal benefits of ginger, it is recommended to use ginger in the form of ‘Ginger water or ginger tea’. Read on to know how to make ginger water along with benefits and remedies.


Cold and flu remedy – Ginger is a natural remedy for common cold and flu. It boosts the immune system to heal the body. It contains antiviral, antitoxic, and antifungal properties, induces sweat, and heat in the body, it relieves mild fever.

Nausea – Ginger is an excellent remedy to treat morning sickness or nausea. It works like vitamin B6 to treat morning sickness. Sip on some warm ginger tea if you are suffering from nausea for instant relief.

Headache – Ginger has great anti-inflammatory properties that makes it a great remedy for inflammation and pain in the body including headache.

Sore Throat – Ginger tea helps inhibit bacteria and fungal growth in the throat eradicating all the possibility of further infection plus due to its anti-inflammatory effects, it also calms down the infection and pain in throat.

Bloating – Ginger tea helps with gas and water retention and relieves bloating. Also great if you have indigestion.

Weight-loss – Ginger tea helps speed up fat burning and eventually helps in weight loss. Also boosts metabolism and digestion.

Clear Skin – Healthy intestine is directly proportional to clean and clear skin. Ginger keeps the intestines healthy and also has detoxing effect that helps treat acne internally and keep skin clear.


Things you need: To make ginger water/tea, you need 1-inch fresh ginger root and 1 cup of water. That is it!

Procedure: Add ginger slices to a cup of hot water and let it steep for 5-10 mins.  Strain the ginger slices and consume warm. For added flavor, add lemon or honey if you like.

Caution – Certain groups of people should avoid consuming ginger as it can interact with other medication and can worsen certain health conditions. If you taking any medications then kindly consult with your doctor before making any changes in your diet.