Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is one of the most essential vitamins when it comes to promoting skin health. It helps even out skin tone, brightens the complexion, heals wounds, reduces dark spots, promote collagen production, prevents premature signs of aging and can protect and repair damaged skin.

Here is a DIY homemade vitamin C skin brightening gel recipe made with amla powder, turmeric powder and aloe vera gel or cucumber gel, that can be the perfect solution for all your skin problems.

Benefits of turmeric powder for skin:

Turmeric acts as a natural skin moisturizer that can help keep the skin soft and supple and prevent the skin from becoming dry. It helps keep the skin nourished at all times and can promote better cell turnover (the body’s natural cell regeneration process where the dead skin falls out or sheds and the new rejuvenated skin layer forms).

For those who have dark circles or puffiness, turmeric water can help stimulate better blood circulation in the body and in turn can help reduce inflammation with its anti-inflammatory effects and can also help reduce puffiness and lighten the dark circles.

Turmeric powder helps keep the skin youthful and slows down the signs of aging and also can help prevent the skin from premature aging.

Turmeric is an essential ingredient for those who are looking to brighten and even out their skin tone (like those who are prone to getting tanned or have dark patches or pigmentation on the skin). For those who have pigmentation, application of turmeric powder can help reduce the appearance of the dark patches on the skin and can prevent the skin from darkening.

Benefits of aloe vera gel for skin:

A lot of people suffer from skin problems like rash or acne. Aloe vera can act as an anti-acne medicine. It contains vitamin C and vitamin E which are helpful to keep one’s skin healthy and radiant.

Aloe vera is rich in vitamins and can contribute to cell turnover, a natural process that involves the constant shedding of dead skin cells and the replacement of it with younger skin cells, over a period of time. It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that can help cure and heal skin ailments. It can also help lighten the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone and complexion.

Benefits of cucumber gel for the skin:

Cucumber gel is helpful in reducing swelling and puffiness in the skin and making the skin look refreshed and renewed. Cucumber gel can help reduce acne and breakouts as it has mild astringent properties that can reduce oiliness from the skin. Cucumber gel is highly hydrating in nature and acts as skin moisturizing agents and can soothe the skin while easing and reducing any sort of skin irritation, as it is coupled with the anti-inflammatory property of cucumber gel. The antioxidant properties of cucumber gel can help fight free radical (molecules that can harm healthy cell functioning) damage and prevent premature signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

Benefits of amla or licorice powder for skin:

Amla powder contains a high level of antioxidants that can help delay the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines and prevent premature aging of skin cells. It can also help to improve the skin tone, texture, appearance and improve the skin’s complexion, in turn promoting better skin glow and giving the skin a radiant look

Amla powder is known for its benefits to reduce skin pigmentation by lightening the skin and even out skin tone. It can help promote the production of collagen (a natural skin protein) in turn boosting skin health.


How to make the DIY Vitamin C Skin Brightening Mask:

1 tsp amla powder or licorice powder
1 tsp organic turmeric powder
4 tbsp aloe vera gel or cucumber gel
1 tbsp of face oil


Into a mixing bowl, add in the dry ingredients and mix it well. Then add in the aloe vera gel or cucumber gel and mix it well until properly combined. You can use any non-comedogenic face oils like jojoba oil, black seed oil, or grapeseed oil.

How to use this for the face:

Using your finger apply this mask evenly all over the face. LEave it on 10 to 15 minutes or leave it on overnight gently peel it off your face by dampening your skin with lukewarm water and then rinsing your face with lukewarm water until the mask has completely come off. Then, wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat dry it with a towel.

Tip: You can use this DIY Vitamin C face mask once a week for the best effects.