Ice cube facials very beneficial for your skin as the cold temperature tightens the pores, increases blood circulation giving you a healthy glow and also makes your makeup last long. Here are several ways you can use ice cubes in your beauty routine : CUCUMBER CUBES – soothe irritated and […]

Use orange peel to brighten your skin and add a healthy glow. ORANGE PEEL BENEFITS FOR BEAUTY Orange peels are a rich source of vitamin c that promotes brighter skin tone, fights signs of premature skin aging & promotes flawless skin. It Improves antioxidant absorption & promotes blood flow in […]

Make a rice water face mask that has skin brightening properties to enhance your skin complexion and your make skin look radiant BENEFITS – Fermented Rice water is rich in amino acids, carbodyrates and nutrients and vitamins to relieve dry skin, reduces flaking, and helps to maintain the skin barrier. […]

This intensely moisturizing Face and Body Butter helps to hydrate, moisturizes and improve your skin tone to revive its natural glow. It deeply nourishes your skin to enhance skin texture by softening and smoothening it.  Turmeric lightens and brightens uneven skin, reduces dark circles and pigmentation marks while repairing fine […]