Turmeric is a popular spice used in Indian kitchens for colouring and flavouring curries and gravies. While the skincare benefits of turmeric have long been established, turmeric is potentially known for its ability to clear scars and treat hyperpigmentation. Consumption of turmeric helps boost immunity and supply a dose of antioxidants.

Topical application of turmeric, with its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, helps lighten skin tone and fade unwanted marks. Check out the different ways turmeric can be used as a natural remedy for hyperpigmentation:

How To Use Turmeric To Clear Scars And Treat Hyperpigmentation


One of the easiest ways of using turmeric for skin care benefits is by making face masks in combination with other readily available ingredients and using them on the skin religiously:

Mix a tsp each of turmeric powder with 1 tbsp of rosehip seed oil Apply the mixture on face and neck, wait for 30 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. You can also apply a drop on your lips or under your eyes before bedtime to lighten dark lips and clear dark circles.

Benefits: This face serum is fortified with antibacterial and antioxidant properties of rosehip oil as well as turmeric. Perfect for oily skin, it exfoliates the skin, lightens acne marks and treats breakouts and blemishes effectively.

While turmeric helps brightens skin and lightens the scars, aloe vera gel acts as a soothing moisturizer that hydrates the skin thoroughly. READ MORE – TURMERIC NIGHT SKIN GEL – WAKEUP TO CLEAR, HEALTHY AND GLOWING SKIN

Mix 2 tbsp gram flour with ¼ tsp turmeric powder and yogurt to make a paste. Apply the smooth and creamy paste on face, focusing on the affected areas and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Once the mask is hard and dry, use lukewarm water to remove the mask. Massage with gentle circular movements and then wash off thoroughly. Use this mask twice every week until you see the pigmented areas lighten gradually.

Benefits: This exfoliating mask combines the goodness of lactic acid as well as hydrating properties of gram flour to give soft and blemish-free skin. READ MORE – TURMERIC WATER benefits – for weight loss, clear skin, and more


  • Conduct a patch test to check how your skin reacts to the use of turmeric. Refrain from using it if you develop any kind of reaction like irritation, redness or swelling within 24 hours.
  • Turmeric may leave behind a yellowish patch if used in excess. At the same time, refrain from wearing light-coloured clothes while using turmeric treatment as it may stain your clothes if you are not careful enough.
  • Hyperpigmentation could be a manifestation of any underlying health condition, so it is always better to consult the doctor even as you continue using natural home remedies to treat the same.