TURMERIC BUTTER to brighten and clear skin

This intensely moisturizing Face and Body Butter helps to hydrate, moisturizes and improve your skin tone to revive its natural glow. It deeply nourishes your skin to enhance skin texture by softening and smoothening it. 

TURMERIC BUTTER to brighten and clear skin

Turmeric lightens and brightens uneven skin, reduces dark circles and pigmentation marks while repairing fine lines, age spots and other signs of aging. It heals the skin and treats various skin problems naturally.


Turmeric- It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties to treat any skin problems. It brightens the skin and helps to fade spots, pigmentation and also improve skin’s quality for the spot-less complexion.

Shea butter- Shea butter is used in a lot of skincare products for its amazing beauty benefits. It is non-comedogenic which makes it an excellent ingredient to use on the face without clogging the pores. It helps to soften and heals skin while repairing the skin and also has healing properties to condition, tone, and soothe your skin. READ MORE – TURMERIC SKIN BRIGHTENING NATURAL BODY WASH

TURMERIC BUTTER to brighten and clear skin

Things you will need –

  • 6 Tbsp of organic shea butter
  • 1 tsp of organic turmeric powder.
  • Few drops of turmeric essential oil

To make – In a bowl add raw shea butter and melt it using a double boiler. Let the melted shea butter cool down for few mins in the refrigerator. After 5-10 mins remove the shea butter and whip it using a blender or a hand mixer, add turmeric powder and whip again until the mixture turns soft and fluffy.

To use – Apply a small amount on face, lips, and body at night, after cleansing. Massage all over with upper strokes until absorbed completely.