These amazing tea infusions may relax your nerves, relieves stress, extremely useful in digestion, aids in more restful sleep, boost weight loss increases focus and also help to get a clear skin from within. MASALA TEA – Masala tea makes for a perfect healthy breakfast tea, it contains antioxidants, boosts […]

Lemon is one of the best natural healers that can be easily found in your kitchen. It is used quite a lot in beauty and home products and is also one of the great ingredients to optimize your health. Here are some simple yet effective remedies using lemon – Detox […]

Sugar is one of the main culprit behind obesity and most of the health problems but it is an addictive ingredient and tough to stay away from, are we right? Sugar, natural or refined can have similar negative effects. Naturally occurring sugars are fine if consumed in limited quantities but […]

We are often told to eat lots of colorful fruits and veggies to stay healthy. Eating tons of fruits isn’t always a good idea especially if you are watching your sugar intake. Sugar doesn’t necessarily mean refined sugar; even fruits contain natural sugars that can spike insulin and can have […]