Hair fall is something that agonizes most people. Whether it is a man, woman or child, it still is a cause for worry. Now, the causes of this hair fall can be varied, from weak scalp, hormonal problems, stress, scalp infections, damaged hair follicles, dandruff, improper hair care, excessive use of hair styling products, environmental factors and much more.

But, nipping this issue of hair fall in the bud when it just begins, can be a life-saver and Ayurveda offers many such remedies to treat hair fall and prevent further hair loss.


Let’s look into some of them:

1. Hair rinses:

Hair rinses are a type of hair treatment which can help strengthen, nourish and moisturize the hair and can prevent or reduce any product buildup on the scalp. Hair rinses are usually used once the hair has been washed, shampooed and conditioned. It is then applied and let to sit for a few minutes before rinsing off with plain water. Hair rinses are for different hair issues like dandruff, hair thinning, product buildup etc, which are different reasons which could be contributing to hair fall.

To make – Add a handful of mint leaves and curry leaves to 2 cups of water and simmer it on low for 5-10 mins. Pour the water into a bottle. After hair wash, squeeze out the excess water and pour this water on your hair, do not rinse off. Let your hair dry naturally and style as usual.

2. Hair cleansers:

Many people often get confused between hair cleansers and shampoos. Well, even though their purpose is the same, herbal hair cleansers are milder forms of hair cleaning. So therefore, using herbal hair cleansers will not strip-off all the natural oils from the hair and scalp, which is required to maintain good hair health.

Ayurveda uses hair wash powders to deep clean the scalp for healthy hair growth. Add 1/4 cup of soapnut powder, 1/4 cup of fenugreek powder and 1/4 cup of amla powder. Mix it well and store it in a jar. Add 2 tbsp. of the powder to a bowl and add hot water or hot green tea and make it to a shampoo like consistency. Wet your hair and massage this natural hair cleanser on your scalp for a minute and rinse off. Follow up with a natural hair conditioner – READ MORE – 5 NATURAL HAIR CONDITIONERS to use after hair wash for healthy hair growth

3. Head massage:

The Ayurvedic massage focuses on the pressure points on the head, massaging in circular motions to promote healing and repair. The Ayurvedic head massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment practiced in India since years and is still in practice. This is traditionally called ‘Shiro Abhyanga, meaning “head massage” in Sanskrit. It starts with the application of oil on the head and moves down the strands of the hair. the head massage will help stimulate the hair follicles by promoting blood circulation to the scalp.


4. Hair oiling:

Oiling of hair is a practice followed since ages. It involves pouring of oil onto the scalp and hair in order to improve the blood circulation of the scalp, to increase hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles, improve hair texture and lustre, decrease hair loss and make the hair look shiny and smooth.

5. Scalp Scrubs:

Scalp health is often taken for granted, as we focus more on our hair, shampooing it and finding the right conditioner. A lot of people suffer from scalp issues like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc which is linked to hair breakage and loss of hair shine and having poor scalp health can lead to premature hair loss. But ideally scalp health is also very important as it is where the hair follicles emerge from. Your scalp health, will determine your hair health and therefore it is important to keep your scalp healthy. A healthy scalp is clear from flaking or dandruff and free from any scalp redness or irritation, dryness or any scalp infections.

The benefits of using a scalp scrub is to help remove the excess dead skin cells, excess oil, dirt, product buildup and dandruff. Scalp scrubs can help promote blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels under your skin, in turn boosting hair growth. Scalp scrubs help deep cleanse the hair right from the roots and also help promote collagen (a structural protein found in skin) production and also stimulates hair growth. READ MORE – SCALP SCRUB RECIPES – stop hair fall and thicker hair growth

6. Hair packs or hair masks:

Hair packs or hair masks are deep conditioning masks that help to nourish the hair and increase hair strength. It consists of natural ingredients that can promote better hair growth. Hair packs are like deep conditioning hair conditioners that can be left on your hair for a few hours in order to reap its whole benefit. It can be incorporated in one’s hair care routine to make the hair thicker, softer and shinier. These masks are hydrating in nature and can help keep the hair moisturized. It can help reduce hair breakage and keep the hair healthy.

To make – Add 1 tbsp. of amla powder or fenugreek powder and mix it with onion juice to make a paste. Apply it on your scalp for 30 mins and rinse it off. Use it once or twice a week.