Rose water is simply made by combining water and rose petals and this special liquid has been used over the years for various uses from adding it to perfumes to using it to flavour culinary items, all because of its fragrance and distinct smell. I’m sure most of us have heard of rose water being used to improve skin texture and protect skin health, but did you know that this simple liquid can be beneficial for your hair as well?


Let’s look into some of its benefits and why you should be using it:

Rose water acts as an astringent, as rose water has mild astringent properties, it can be beneficial to people with greasy/oily hair as it can help reduce the oiliness of the scalp and hair.

It can also help reduce dandruff ad treat certain scalp conditions as it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Rose water can nourish the scalp and promote hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles and promoting the hair growth phase as rose petals contain phytonutrients.

Rose DIY Hair Spray and Hair Serum:


  • 2 glasses water
  • Petals of 2 roses
    (Around 20 petals approximately)
  • 1 tsp any hair oil or aloe vera gel

How to make the rose water:

Into a heating pot, add in the water and let it come to a boil. Then, once the water has come to a boil, turn off the flame and add in the rose petals (which should be washed and rinsed properly, under running water). Let the rose petals soak in completely and then cover the pot with a lid. Let this rest for an hour, until the rose petals get infused into the water and you will notice that the colour of the water too has changed. At this stage, strain out the rose water into a liquid applicator bottle and it is ready to use. READ MORE – ALOE VERA FACE AND BODY GEL for clear and glowing skin


To apply: Start off with detangling your hair and make it free from knots. Then, partition your hair and evenly apply this into your scalp and the rest you can apply it on your hair using downward strokes. Lastly, massage it in gently using your fingertips and tie your hair into a loose bun or preferably tie your hair into a shower cap and leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair using a mild shampoo and conditioner and let your hair dry naturally.


It is advisable to do a patch test on a very small portion of your scalp before using it on your entire scalp, as some people have sensitive skin. If it causes you any irritation after the patch test (which should be left on for 10 to 15 minutes after application to that portion), then rinse off immediately and discontinue its usage with immediate effect.

To make the Hair Serum Spray:

Into a cup, pour in 100 ml of the homemade rose water (recipe above) and add in 1 tsp an hair oil of your choice. You can also add in few drops of rose or jasmine essential oil to make your hair smell amazing. Mix this well and pour into a spray bottle . Shake it really well and spray this a couple of times over your hair just as you would use any other hair serum after you have washed your hair.

Caution: If you have dandruff then skip the oil and use 1 tbsp. of aloe vera gel in place of the oil.

Rose Water Shampoo:


  • ½ cup rose water
  • ½ cup liquid castile soap
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil or jojoba oil) or aloe vera gel


Into a mixing bowl, add in in the coconut oil and liquid castile soap and mix well. Then, add in the rose water and give it a stir. Pour this mixture into an empty shampoo bottle and screw the cap on tightly and shake it a couple of times and then it is ready to use. READ MORE – 5 NATURAL HAIR CONDITIONERS to use after hair wash for healthy hair growth

Tip: Those who have greasy/oily hair need not add in the oil if they do not wish to.