If you’re looking for an all-natural formula to grow thicker and also darken your eyebrows without compromising with any artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals then make this eyebrow Serum that enhances your eyebrows and helps to grow longer, thicker, and fuller eyebrows.

Overnight Eyebrow Growth Serum for thicker and darker eyebrows


Black castor oil – Rich in essential fatty acids, castor oil nourishes, and conditions your hair. It helps in increasing blood circulation while boosting thicker hair growth. It is an amazing oil that will is known as a natural hair strengthening and rejuvenating agent and is believed to stimulate the hair roots, thereby helping in growing healthy and thicker eyebrows

Rosemary or fenugreek powder –  very effective in strengthening the hair follicles and help to grow hair faster. They also contain properties that regrow overplucked eyebrows and help in rebuilding the hair follicles. READ MORE – GLOW SERUM – get healthy, glowing skin

Overnight Eyebrow Growth Serum for thicker and darker eyebrows


You will need –

  • Black castor oil
  • Rosemary powder or fenugreek powder
  • Essential oil – 2-4 drops ( optional)

Mix black castor oil and fenugreek or rosemary powder and store it in a jar. Before going to bed, take a small amount and massage it on your eyebrows. The massage helps to stimulate circulation that will help in faster hair growth. Leave it on overnight and simply rinse off in the morning.

The serum works amazing well to grow fuller thicker eyebrows however, If you love essential oils then u can add few drops of peppermint or rosemary essential oil into the serum for added benefits.

If you want how to make rosemary powder at home, just take some dried rosemary leaves and blend it to a fine powder. Use this powder in this eyebrow serum. You can also use fenugreek seeds to make fenugreek powder, simply dry roast the fenugreek seeds, and blend the seeds into a fine powder. READ MORE – OVERNIGHT HAIR THICKENING SPRAY – stop hair fall and regrow thinning hair