Use this oil mouthwash to protect your teeth from germs, bacteria, and diseases. It strengthens the immune response with overall oral hygiene and dental strength. This powerful oil provides complete protection from germs causing bad breath, cavities, and plaque leading to gingivitis.

AYURVEDA OIL MOUTHWASH - healthy teeth and gums


According to Ayurveda, Gargling with sesame oil is effective in strengthening your teeth and gums. Sesame oil has been extensively used as a traditional Indian remedy for healthy teeth and gums, to prevent tooth decay, plaque buildup and also treat bleeding gums.

Use the oil every day after brushing your teeth to protect your teeth and gums. You can also try the oil pulling method to detox your body and get clear, healthy skin. READ MORE – Oil pulling – Benefits and how to detox your mouth and body

AYURVEDA OIL MOUTHWASH - healthy teeth and gums

You will need –

  • Sesame Oil
  • Warm Water

Take a teaspoon of sesame oil and add it to a glass of lukewarm water. Before you go to bed, after brushing your teeth, gargle with this oil mouthwash.

You can also gently massage your gums with a few drops of sesame oil before going to bed. Massaging your gums with sesame oil increases blood flow to the gums tissue. The oil massage strengthens the gums and keeps it away from infection and also prevents bleeding gums.

You can use a gum massager tool to do this process or just use your fingers for an effective gum massage. Take a few drops of sesame oil in your index finger and gently om circular motion massage your gums for 5-10 mins. READ MORE – 2 POWERFUL HAIR GROWTH SEEDS – regrow thinning hair