There is always a debate between wheat flour and all-purpose flour. Wheat flour is considered healthier than all-purpose flour since it is not refined and retains all nutrients. But if you are looking out for a gluten-free option, then you certainly need to look out for other healthier options. Oat flour is one popular substitute and here is a comparison between oat flour and wheat flour:



Wheat flour contains gluten while oats flour doesn’t. Some people avoid gluten because of medical or dietary concerns. In that case, oats flour can be used. Gluten also is responsible for giving that elastic and sticky nature to dough and oats flour fails in that part. You can add more liquid to oat flour to deal with it.


Whole wheat flour and oats flour has a somewhat similar flavour and hence oat flour can easily be used as a substitute to wheat flour. Oats flour is a bit mildly sweeter in flavour and makes the baked goods flavoursome. Another plus point is that you might need fewer sweeteners in your recipe.


Oats flour and wheat flour does give different texture to your recipe. Foods made with wheat flour is a bit elastic and stretchy while those made with oat flour will be coarser and light but fulfilling at the same time, which makes it a great ingredient/substitute for those who want to lose weight.


Recipes made with different flour have different moisture content depending upon the moisture-holding capacity. Food made with using oat flour is moist and softer as compared to food made by using wheat flour; hence oat flour is a great choice for making cookies and bread.


Wheat flour has lesser health benefits as compared to oats flour. Wheat has comparatively more carbohydrates and can cause weight gain. Oats has lesser carbohydrates and has health benefits like controlling blood pressure and lowering bad cholesterol. Wheat flour can cause indigestion but oats are rich in fibre that makes digestion easy.


Wheat flour is a regular ingredient in a lot of recipes we make in day to day life and not all look for substitutes! Wheat flour is easily and readily available while oats flour you will find in selective departmental stores and online. Or, you might also get it ground in a mill which can be time-consuming!


We all know that oats will certainly win the nutrition comparison and yes you are right! Oats contain no gluten, has high fibre, calcium, iron and fewer carbohydrates while wheat flour has less of these nutrients and contains gluten. One main difference is that oats flour has protein which also makes it a great ingredient in protein smoothies and foods that are meant to be consumed after a workout.