Make these natural powders for hair growth

Make these natural powders at home that will promote hair growth, nourish from deep within the scalp to help with healthy scalp and add a natural shine. Give your hair strength and nourishment with these powders that reverses thinning hair, fights dandruff, and imparts lusture.


Aloe vera Powder –

Aloe Vera deeply conditions and nourishes the scalp, resulting in healthy hair growth. It has loads of benefits like strengthening hair follicles, reduces dandruff and ensures thickening of hair naturally.

Make aloe vera powder at home – Cut aloe vera gel into thin slices and let them dry under the sun for few days. Blend the aloe vera into a fine powder and use it in your hair care routine.

To use – Take 1 tbsp. of aloe vera powder and add in yogurt or any hair oil of your choice to make a paste. Apply this paste to your scalp for 30 mins and rinse it off.

Fenugreek Powder to stop hair fall

Rosemary Powder –

One of the best herbs to use to regrow thinning hair is ROSEMARY. Rosemary makes the hair smooth, strong and fuller through gentle scalp purification and maintains the overall hair quality.

To use – Dry rosemary leave and blend them into a fine powder. Use this powder to wash your hair, make a hair mask or even add it to your hair oil. Mix the rosemary powder to onion juice and use it as a hair mask. Leave it on for 30 mins and rinse off.


Hair Wash Powder –

Make a herbal hair wash powder contains amazing ingredients that deeply cleans your scalp and conditions your hair. It strengthens and nourishes your hair from root to tip, giving you healthy hair and scalp, naturally. READ MOE – Herbal hair wash Powder to stop hair fall


Dry shampoo Powder –

To keep your scalp fresh and healthy use a dry shampoo that can be made using natural ingredients. Just take some corn flour or rice flour in a jar, add in cocoa powder ( adjust the cocoa powder according to your hair color) and mix it well. You can also add in few drops of essential oil to add fragrance to it. Using a brush dab the powder on your scalp and brush your hair to absorb the oil or grease and keep your scalp fresh for long.

Fenugreek Powder to stop hair fall

Fenugreek Powder –

Fenugreek  helps in minimizing hair fall and promote new hair growth. It makes the hair healthy, thick, smooth, shiny and voluminous.

To use – Use fenugreek powder as a final rinse. Add 1 tbsp. of fenugreek powder to a cup of hot water and let it steep for 5-10 mins. After hair wash pour this water on your scalp and massage it in. Leave it on for 5 mins and lightly rinse it off with plain water.


Hair growth supplement Powder –

It is important to have healthy food that is rich in zinc, vitamins and fatty acids to make your hair growth healthy. Make with amazing hair growth boosting seeds, use this powder in your smoothie or cereal to boost hair growth from within. READ MORE – NATURAL HAIR GROWTH SUPPLEMENT FOR FASTER AND THICKER HAIR GROWTH