We have found a way to make cooking with eggs a whole lot easier. These 12 egg hacks will become a part of your life!

12 Best Egg hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Hack 1: How to properly test if the egg is good or bad ? Want to know how to tell if an egg is bad? For a fresh food, eggs have a surprisingly a long shelf life; the USDA considers them safe to eat for 45 days after processing. A simple float test is a quick way to check if the eggs are fresh enough to use or not. Are my eggs still good? To perform the float test, gently set your egg into a bowl of water ( room temperature). If the egg sinks, it is fresh. If it tilts upwards or even floats, it is old.

First, fill a bowl or glass with water and gently place your eggs in it. Very fresh eggs will sink to the bottom and the egg lies horizontally, it’s at its freshest. If the narrow end of the egg tilts upward, it’s still acceptable to eat but they not be just as quite as fresh. If the egg stands upright (but is still at the bottom of the container), it’s past its peak, but is still safe, use such eggs for baking or making hard-boiled eggs.

Any eggs that are too old to eat will float to the surface. Bad eggs float and It has to do with the way moisture evaporates through the shell as eggs age. As that moisture decreases, the air bubble inside the shell grows, such eggs should be discarded.

The sniff test is the oldest, simplest, and most reliable method of telling if an egg has gone bad. Crack open an egg and if you immediately notice a pungent smell, it’s probably safe to toss the egg. READ MORE – 5 mins healthy breakfast – 6 best 4-ingredient pancakes recipes

Hack 2: How to bring eggs to room temperature – You should always use room temperature eggs in baking. You can place them in a bowl of warm water for two to three minutes, this will bring them up to room temperature fairly quickly.

Hack 3: How to make poached egg within seconds – Simply pour a half cup of cold water into a bowl or mug, add salt and/or vinegar. Gently crack an egg and slide it in. Cover and then put the whole thing in the microwave on high for 60 seconds. Drain the water and enjoy.

How to easily peel eggs -

Hack 4: How to easily peel eggs – Do you find it super hard to peel the shell off your boiled eggs, especially when they are boiling hot? Fill a container with water, then pop in your boiled eggs. Seal tight with the lid and gently shake until the shell has come off! Well, most of us know the hack as to how to immerse eggs in cool water and then peel off the shells. But do you want to know an easier way out? Simply drop in a wedge or two of lemon in the water while boiling your eggs and the shells will almost completely drop  off when they are boiled.

Hack 5: How to quickly bring eggs to room temperature For boiled eggs – You can simply remove the heated water and run the boiled eggs under cool running tap water for 2 to 4 minutes.
For eggs from the refrigerator – You will need to take a bowl of lukewarm or warm water and place your eggs in it for around 4 to 6 minutes.

Hack 6: How to separate the egg from the yolk – Crack the egg gently into half and hold in one hand, while you use your fingers of the other hand to “strain” (or separate) the egg white, while holding up the egg yolk. So you should do this while keeping a bowl underneath your hand, so you can collect the egg white.
While this is the easiest hack, for those of you who do not want to touch the egg, you can use strainer instead of your fingers following the same method.

Hack 7: How to make perfect jammy eggs

Hack 7: How to make perfect jammy eggs

Do you like your eggs gooey or semi-gooey how they make it to top it over ramen noodles? Basically, soft boiled eggs, with a fancy name! Well, here’s what you can do – Bring some water to a boil over medium heat. Then, place the eggs in the pot (use tongs as the water will be hot) and remember that the eggs will not have to be submerged in the water for this hack.

Next, cover the pot and let the eggs cook on medium heat for 6 ½ minutes exactly (if you want the yolk gooey/runny) and for 8 minutes exactly (if you want the yolk semi-cooked), 13 mins for hard boiled eggs. Then, remove from the heat, drain out all the heated water and run cool tap water over the eggs for around 30 seconds to a minute, to stop them from cooking any further. Lastly, gently peel of the shell and the jammy eggs are ready to eat!

  • For soft-cooked eggs, place the raw eggs into boiling water.
  • For hard-cooked eggs, place the raw eggs into cold water.

Note: Be very gently as the egg yolk shouldn’t crack during the process.

Hack 8 – How to make the best scrambled eggs – Try pouring eggs into the pan through a sieve. You’ll find that cracking eggs into a sieve will help remove the excess liquid from the whites. This hack works exceptionally well for making fluffier scrambled eggs

Click below to know how to make perfect eggs in a steamer that are easy to peel –

General hacks:

Hack 9: How to use egg shells to keep lizards away – You can just use fresh egg shells that have been cracked and used as food consumption. So, you can take the egg shells and place them at different corners of your home to keep lizards away. Remember that the egg shells should be fresh as the lizards do not like the smell of the egg albumin or egg white. You can replace these egg shells once in a week or as soon as you have any fresh egg shells (all the better).

Hack 10: How to use egg shells as plant compost – Instead of discarding your egg shells, you can dry them up in the sun for a couple of days and then crush them using your hands or in a blender. Mix this with your manure and mud and use them as compost for your plants. Egg shells are rich in calcium and will act as natural nutrients for your plants to grow healthy.

Hack 11: How to use egg to heal skin – Egg whites help in healing burns without leaving behind scars. Apply egg whites on affected skin and watch the result show up.

Hack 12: How to use egg shells to get rid of garden pests – Dry your egg shells for a few days and then crush them using your hands or in a blender. Sprinkle this egg shell powder all over your garden, in the mud or in your pots. This will help keep garden pests away. READ MORE – Don’t have eggs ?? Best Egg substitutes and how to use them