Are you wondering what you can gift your friends and family, when you go to visit them these holidays? Well, look no further as I’ve got some easy, tried and tested DIY holiday gift ideas for you to try out at home!

dessert toppings and spreads

Here are easy 50 DIY Holiday Food Gift Ideas:


If you like having your pancakes with a lovely dollop of Nutella or drizzling it with caramel sauce on ice cream or maybe have a lovely hot slice of toast with some delicious homemade spread, then I have some amazing and absolutely yummy and delectable homemade dessert spreads and topping recipes for you to try out.


2. 6 Seasoning Mix that are easy to make, all natural, and have incredible flavor

Herb Seasoning are the perfect spice and herb mix that need to be rubbed over raw foods, to add and enhance the flavor of the item, before cooking it. It is similar to a marinade. It is a great gift to give someone! You could maybe place a lovely red bow on it and give it as a gift to a friend.


4. 6 Spice Blends to flavor any dish

There are many different spice blends like curry powder, all-spice powder, garam masala powder and many more such powders that you can add into your dishes for that extra flavour. So, how about learn to make these powders at home!


5. 6 Delicious Sauce and Condiment Recipes

Well, what’s better than making your own sauce or dip at home? Free from preservatives and of course, any day better than the store-bought condiments!


6. 10 Easy Premix Recipes Just add Milk

From a cup of hot chocolate, to brownies, to cookies, to pancakes, we have different easy premix recipes here for you to make and store in your pantry.

6. 5 Easy and delicious butters you can make at home

How about you try out some of these butter recipes on your home at home and see for yourselves how delicious they are and why you need to start making these butters at home hereafter!