It can be irritating to put up with those fruit flies and mosquitoes day in and day out. There is also a limit to the use of mosquito repellents and fruit fly pest control chemicals at home. That is why a DIY trap for these little devils could be really useful to keep them at bay. Try out these easy DIY solutions to deal with the problem of fruit flies and mosquitoes:

DIY natural Fruit Flies, wasps, and Mosquito Trap


  • Apple cider vinegar – ½ cup
  • Dish soap – 1 tbsp
  • plastic bottle or a glass jar


Add ½ cup ACV to the glass jar and place this jar right next to your bowl or basket of fruits. You may choose any other area that’s prone to fruit flies. Pour a couple of dish soap drops and stir. This breaks the ACV’s surface tension and so, fruit flies will not be able to sit on this solution. Let this trap be filled with fruit flies and empty the jar once it looks unpleasant.

Vinegar is a kitchen product that’s not only multipurpose but also environment friendly. Fruit flies are often attracted to vinegar and try to sit on its surface, which is when they drown. This amazing DIY fruit fly trap is effective and easy to make. However, while vinegar is considered to be safe, dish soap isn’t. So make sure that this solution is kept out of children’s reach. READ MORE – GET RID OF ANTS NATURALLY


  • Plastic bottle (2l bottle would serve better than smaller ones)
  • White sugar- 4 tbsp
  • Brewer’s yeast- 10g
  • Water- 200ml


The first step is to cut the bottle right. Cut it straight at about 3 cm from the cap hole (over the point where the grip of the bottle becomes thinner).

Boil the water for 10 minutes to remove any traces of chlorine. Turn off the flame and dissolve 4 tbsp white sugar into the water. Let the solution cool down to room temperature. Add this sugar solution in the larger part of the bottle and then add some brewer’s yeast.

Now put the top part of the bottle into the part containing the sugar solution, upside down so that it looks like a funnel. Put some tape along the border and then wind up by using the cardboard to wrap the bottle to protect it from the UV rays of the sun. Place it preferably in a humid and dark place, away from direct rays of the sun.

The brewer’s yeast produces carbon dioxide which, along with sugar solution, generates a smell that the mosquitoes find tempting. Consequently, these mosquitoes fly through the small bottle cap hole and after that, get trapped. READ MORE – LIST OF TOP ESSENTIAL OILS TO GET RID OF BUGS