There’s often a lot of hype about ginger-lemon. What’s the hype for though? Well, ginger-lemon is a super-powerful combination because by itself ginger and lemon are very beneficial ingredients to boost health and as a combination, you are receiving double the benefits and it is totally worth it!

Each has it’s own distinct and acquired taste, where ginger is subtly pungent and lemon tasting sour, but together, they make an excellent combination and can work as a remedy to keep health issues at bay and to reduce the already existing health issues.


How will consuming ginger-lemon benefit you?

Ginger-lemon juice can help boost immunity and keep diseases and infections at bay. It can aid digestion, protect bone health, improve skin complexion, keep cholesterol and blood sugar in check and also promote weight loss.

Here are some ways in which you can consume ginger-lemon:

Ginger-lemon juice to boost immunity and promote better overall health:



250 ml water

⅛ cup or 30 ml ginger extract/juice

½ to 1 tbsp lemon juice

Honey (to taste)


In a glass, add in the ginger juice, lime juice and honey as per your requirement and stir well. Then top up the glass with water. Mix well and it is ready to consume.

Here’s how you can make ginger extract/juice at home:

Take the quantity of ginger you want to make juice of and wash the ginger properly. Then peel out the skin and grate the ginger using a grater. Then using a muslin cloth, into a bowl, squeeze out the ginger extract.

Ginger-lemon tea for general health and weight loss:



1 cup of water

1.5 inch of freshly sliced ginger

1 tbsp raw honey

½ tbsp lemon juice (optional)


In a heating pot, add in one cup of water and let it come to a boil, then add in the freshly sliced ginger and honey and let it simmer for 15 minutes on low flame, while covering the pot with lid. Then turn off the flame and strain the mixture into a glass and add in the lemon juice. Stir it well and it is ready to consume.

Ginger-lemon preserve:


12 – 15 half-inch slices of lemon

250 ml honey

8 – 10 one-inch-long thin slices of ginger


Rinse the lemons and ginger thoroughly under running water. Slice the lemons and remove the seeds and set it aside. Them remove the skin of the ginger and slice the ginger and set aside.

To make the preserve:

Into a mason jar (to hold liquid of 350 – 400 ml), add in a slice of lemon and one slice of ginger. Then pour in honey enough to cover the slice of lemon. then repeat the process of placing a slice of lemon and topping it up with honey, placing the ginger after every alternate slice. Repeat this process until all the lemon, ginger and honey is used and see to it that all the lemon and ginger is properly soaked and immersed into the honey. You can then let this preserve sit in the fridge for 2 to 4 days before you can consume it so that the ginger and lemon get well infused into the honey to get the best benefits.

Tip: If you do not have a mason jar, you can use any empty pickle jar (let it be completely clean and dry for use).

Ways to use this preserve:

  • You can consume a teaspoon of this ginger-lemon infused honey twice a day to provide relief from cough, cold and sore throat as it is soothing for the throat.
  • You can also add this into your tea to sip on.
    For the tea: Into a cup of hot water, add in two teaspoons of this preserve and 1 slice of lemon and ginger, stir well and let it sit for 4 to 5 minutes before consumption. You can also consume this on an empty stomach in the mornings and then do not eat or drink anything else for 30 minutes after drinking this, to get the best benefits of this drink.