Ginger is a common kitchen ingredient that has been recognized for its medicinal properties. While its application as a potent home remedy for cough and cold, indigestion and for nausea is widely known, did you know that ginger can be used for promoting hair growth? Keep reading to know more about the use of ginger for hair care:

How To Use Ginger For Hair Growth


  • Ginger helps improve blood flow to the scalp by increasing circulation, thereby stimulating the hair follicles and promoting hair growth.
  • Nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins in fresh ginger root provide nourishment to the hair follicles, thereby making your hair strong.
  • Ginger contains fatty acids, like linoleic acid, that are beneficial for treating thinning hair.
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties heal the scalp. Its anti-fungal properties curb the problem of dandruff, thus treating hair loss.


1.By Combining Ginger And OilSTOP HAIR FALL

You just need to mix a tbsp ginger paste with 2 tbsp castor oil or black seed oil to make the most of its hydrating properties and massage this ginger-based oil on your scalp to improve blood circulation. Leave on for half-an-hour at least and then shampoo as usual. Actually, ginger can be combined with any carrier oil like coconut or jojoba or olive oil to help strengthen, condition and nourish your hair.

2.Ginger- Onion Juice – CLEAR DANDRUFF
Mix one tbsp juice of grated ginger with the juice of a grated medium-sized onion. Onion being a storehouse of sulphur helps regenerate follicles. So this concoction helps promote hair growth by nourishing dormant hair follicles. Apply on scalp, wait for twenty minutes and then wash off with water and shampoo. Do this treatment once every week to make the most of it. READ MORE – NATURAL HAIR GROWTH SHAMPOO RECIPE

3.Ginger Juice And Rosemary or Neem Mixture
Rosemary or neem leaves are rich in vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium and zinc. They contain antioxidants to keep hair damage-free and healthy.  Boil a handful of leaves and a tbsp grated ginger in two cups of water for about 5 minutes. Strain the solution once the mixture cools down and use it as a final rinse after shampooing and conditioning your hair. Use the ginge rinse once every week.

4.Ginger With Aloe vera

Combine ginger’s antimicrobial properties with the collagen-promoting properties of aloe vera gel ( fresh aloe gel from the plant) and use it to boost the healthy growth of hair. Blend 2 tbsp grated ginger with 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel to make a smooth paste. Apply on scalp, wait for half-an-hour and wash off with shampoo. This mask is helpful for the scalp’s pH balance and can be used once every two weeks. READ MORE – THINNING HAIR SLEEPING MASK


While ginger is mostly safe for application, it is better to go for a patch test before using it for beauty purposes. Rub a slice of ginger on your elbow and wait for a day to see if you have any allergies or adverse skin reactions like red rashes, itchiness, hives or inflammation. Refrain from using ginger on the scalp if you face any adverse reaction.