Fish oil, also known as omega-3 fatty acid or omega-3s comes from fish like sardines, mackerels, tuna, salmon, herring, cod, trout etc. So, for those of you who want to know whether there is a difference between fish oil and omega-3s, well, fish oil is the oil which is obtained from the fat of the fish that contains the omega-3 fatty acid.

These fish contain omega-3s of two types called EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)., which are very beneficial to the body.


Here are the benefits of consuming fish oil:

  1. Can help fight inflammation in the body

Consuming fish oil capsules can help reduce joint pain by fighting inflammation as these capsules have anti-inflammatory properties. So, for those with joint pains, arthritis, joint stiffness, joint swelling etc, consuming fish oil capsules can help lubricate the joints and reduce the pain and discomfort, while in non-advanced stages, it can also help treat the problem.

  1. Helps protect the heart and improves heart health

Consuming moderate amounts of fish oil can help improve heart health and protect the heart from heart conditions like stroke, heart attack etc. Fish oil can help reduce blood pressure, reduce the development of plaque which can otherwise clog the arteries and can also help reduce triglycerides.

  1. Can help keep cholesterol in check

Consuming fish oil can help lower the bad cholesterol levels and increases the levels of good cholesterol in the body. When the cholesterol is in check, it will also help ensure good heart health.

  1. Can help reduce blood pressure

A lot of people suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure issues. So consuming fish oil can help keep blood pressure levels in check and also may contribute to reducing high blood pressure levels.

Side effects and caution points before consuming fish oil:

Well, while these side effects may not happen in the case of everyone, it may happen to a few. People have experienced heartburn or gastric trouble and loose stools as compared to the normal. So, when consuming fish oil, it is important to consume it in the right quantities, so if you aren’t clear of the dosage, make sure to consult a medical professional before taking these capsules.

It is also important to note that consuming capsules for those who are already taking other prescription medications, can be harmful as it can interfere with those medications. Therefore, those taking any other prescription medications, require to consult their Doctor before starting the same.

Also, pregnant women and lactating mothers shouldn’t start consuming these capsules until you have consulted your gynaecologist.

Lastly, remember never to break open the fish oil capsule when consuming. Always consume it as the whole capsule. It is always recommended that you take this capsule during your mealtimes because even though it can be taken any time of the day, consuming it during the mealtime will help reduce the fishy-smell belching it otherwise causes. The best way to consume the fish oil capsule is by taking it in by mouth along with a little regular water.