Did you know that drinking water from the copper vessel has its own benefits? In fact, the antimicrobial properties of copper have been recognized since ancient times. Copper is a metal that is known to purify water naturally and even do away with bacteria, thereby reducing the chances of infections. In fact, replacing your plastic bottles with copper glasses and copper bottles is a wonderful way to promote better health. Wondering about the health benefits of drinking water from the copper bottle? Here they are:

Health Benefits Of Drinking Water From Copper Vessel

Health Benefits Of Drinking Water From Copper Vessels

Detoxification And Better Digestion: ‘Tamra jal’ or water from copper vessel is known to detox the body and cleanse the stomach. It helps lessen inflammation and promotes digestion. So, if you are suffering from indigestion, stomach infection or ulcers in stomach, try this copper remedy.

Keep Anaemia Away: Copper enables the body to absorb iron and thus helps keep anaemia away.

Better Bone Health: Drinking water from copper vessel helps strengthen bones. The anti-inflammatory benefits of copper help give relief if you are suffering from arthritis and inflammation of joints.

Reduce Chances Of Infection: Copper, being a natural antibiotic, helps negate infection. Store water in copper vessel for at least 8 hours before drinking it for purification from microbes.

Anti-Aging Benefits: Copper has anti-aging benefits as it is an antioxidant and helps in regeneration of cells.

Wards Off Cancer: While it is absolutely true that cancer cannot be predicted, drinking water from copper vessels is known to keep cancer at bay to some extent. The reason is simple- copper has antioxidant properties and thus, it has the ability to fight free radicals. READ MORE – Castor Oil 10 best Overnight Remedies

How To Drink Water From Copper Vessel Safely?

While the benefits of drinking water from copper vessel are widely known, there are contradictory views as well. In fact, copper toxicity is something that’s feared and confusion prevails when it comes to cleansing your copper bottles that you use for storing water. So, here are a few tips to help you store and drink from copper vessels safely:

  • Buy pure copper vessels for making the most of your experience.
  • You can safely store water in a copper vessel for six to eight hours for reaping maximum benefits.
  • Try to store only water in copper vessels and never fruit juice or milk as you never know how it may react with copper and harm your body!
  • Refrain from putting your copper bottle in the refrigerator.
  • Storing and drinking water from copper vessels twice a day should allow your body to get its required dose of copper. Do not overdo!
  • Avoid using the corroded copper vessel as it may cause copper toxicity.
  • Do not use detergent or dishwashing liquid to clean your copper vessels. It is better to scrub it clean using salt and lemon juice. READ MORE – Ayurveda Miracle CCF Tea Recipe with Three Ingredients