Dark lips or pigmented lips are a reason of number of factors like excessive lip licking, dry lips, sun exposure, nail polish, genetics, hormonal changes, smoking, etc. Often, it can proceed or spread to under and around the lips giving your mouth area a shadow-like appearance. You can definitely get help from a dermatologist but also try this at-home lip mask for added benefits-

DARK LIPS REMEDY - get soft, pink lips naturally


Milk Cream- Milk cream is a natural brightener and moisturizer that heals dryness and makes lips soft and helps gradually lighten pigmentation. It helps keep lips plump, healthy and pink. Milk cream has anti-pigmentation properties that helps with darkness and also prevents dark lips or pigmentation caused due to chapping and flaking.

Sugar- Sugar is a natural humectant that helps repair dry and flaky lips and reduces darkness caused due to dry lips. Sugar is also a natural source of glycolic acid which helps in gentle exfoliation and remove dead skin layer gradually that further helps reduce lip pigmentation. Softens and lightens lips and keeps them plump and pink. READ MORE –

DARK LIPS REMEDY - get soft, pink lips naturally


Things you need-

  • 1 tablespoon fresh milk cream or malai
  • 2 tablespoons sugar


In a grinder, add sugar (brown or white) and grind until you achieve a fine powder. Keep it aside. Take a bowl and add in fresh milk cream. To achieve fresh milk cream, you can heat milk and separate top cream layer. Add in powdered sugar and mix well. Apply a thick even layer on lips and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Wipe off (do not scrub) and rinse. Follow up with a lip balm. Use this mask once daily.

To prevent further lip darkening, it is important you use a lip balm that contains SPF. Moisturize lips all the time and also use a thicker lip balm or shea butter generously on lips before sleeping as an overnight treatment. Do not lick lips and use a gentle lip scrub twice a week. READ MORE – HAIR GEL MASK FOR FASTER HAIR GROWTH