Let me begin this article with a question to you guys – how often must you wash your stuff? Like any stuff! From household articles like carpets, rugs, sheets etc., to personal items like your jeans, your innerwear and more.

How Often Should You Wash Your Stuff

Well, it depends, doesn’t it? It depends on usage, how dirty the item is etc. But what we’ll discuss in this article is some general time estimates on how often you actually need to wash your stuff. Let’s get into the details, shall we?

How Often Should You Wash/Clean These Items

1. Carpet

Deep clean your carpets once in a month with a quick vacuum and a steam clean. Once every week, a regular vacuuming should do.

2. Pillows

Your pillows need to be washed once in every three to four months. Similar to your sheets, your pillows too can catch dust mites. You can wash it in your machine on a gentle cycle.

3. Refrigerator

Clean your refrigerator with a mixture spray of white vinegar and baking soda or any other all-purpose liquid cleaner or disinfectant spray. Remove the racks, clean and place them back.Oncecleaned, leave the door open for an hour, to let it air our and dry, before refilling the refrigerator and turning it back on.

4. Bras

You can wash your bras once in every three to four wears. But make sure not to wear a bra continuously for two days. Air out your bras for at least 24 hours before reusing it to allow the elastic to reshape. Wash using a regular machine cycle.

5. Hair

Wash your hair once in two to three days. Avoid washing your hair every day as it can strip it of its natural oils.

6. Jeans

Wash your jeans once in every four to five washes. You can wash them with plain water, turned inside out. Do not wash jeans too often, as it can cause slight shrinkage after every wash.

7. Car

You can wash your car once in every two to three weeks. In case your car has become dirty due to bad weather, rains, dust etc., then you could wash it earlier of course.

8. Toilet

At least once in every two days, make sure to clean your toilet bowl and your bathroom. Let the toilet cleanser rest for 15 minutes after sprayed, then scrub and wash clean.

9. Mattress

Clean your mattress every 6 months. Vacuum the top of the mattress and then spot treat any stains to remove.

10. Bath Towels

Once a week, make sure to wash your bath towels with warm water and a mild detergent on a regular machine cycle. On a daily basis, make sure to air out your towels.

11. Bedsheets

You need to wash your sheets once in a week, as there could be dust mites that settle in it. These dust mites can cause skin ailments like eczema and respiratory ailments like asthma etc.

12. Oven

Once in every 6 months, deep clean your oven. Remove the racks, spray the insides with an oven cleaning spray and wipe it down to clean.

13. Windows

Your windows need a thorough cleaning once in six months. You can use a sponge dipped in warm water and a mild detergent to clean the windows and then wipe it dry with a water drawer or a microfiber cloth/towel.

14. Wallet/Purse

Once in every week, clean your wallet or purse and remove unwanted bills, items etc., and use a cotton swab with a disinfectant spray and wipe it clean.

15. Dryer/Washer

Your dryers and washers can collect bacteria and thereafter, on full load (let only water collect, hot water) and add in 2 cups of white vinegar and half a cup of baking soda and let it run one cycle. Drain and wipe clean. Do this once every month.

16. Sink and Drain

Your sink and drain should be washed every day, as it collects and breeds microorganisms or else. Also, spray a disinfectant down the drain and gush it down with warm water.