Bananas are one of the most versatile fruits out there. Almost every household has them and uses them in multiple ways. But sometimes you buy bananas that are a little over ripe and underripe and aren’t too sure what you can do with them.

Best Uses of Bananas at Every Stage

Well, let me tell you how you can use bananas at every stage. From using very unripe bananas in savoury curries to using overripe bananas to make banana bread etc., we will discuss it all!

Best Uses of Bananas at Every Stage

1. Very Unripe Bananas

Very unripe bananas are green in color and are very firm upon touch. They are dense, starchy and have a chalky texture. They have a very slight sweetness and fragrance. The best way to use unripe bananas is to cook it (and use it like any other root vegetable). You can make fried green bananas, curried green bananas, mashed green bananas etc.

2. Underripe Bananas

Underripe bananas are firm upon touch and are starchy, but not as much as very unripe bananas. They are half sweet and mellow and a little astringent. They can be cooked or even eaten raw. You can make pan fried bananas drizzled with honey, deep fried bananas, banana foster etc.

3. Ripe or Just Ripe Bananas

Ripe or just ripe bananas are tender to touch and creamy to taste. They are mostly sweet and have a good fragrance. They can be eaten raw and also used in desserts.You can make fruit smoothies, banana upside down cake, banana cream pudding, grilled bananas etc.

4. Very Ripe Bananas

Very ripe bananas are very soft to touch and are sweet and fragrant. They can be eaten raw, used in desserts and can also be frozen for later use. You can make banana pancakes, banana nut muffins and also banana cream out of these bananas.

5. Overripe Bananas

Overripe bananas are mushy to touch and have translucent colored flesh. They have a syrupy sweet flavor. They can be used in desserts and can also be frozen for future use. You can also make banana bread, banana waffles and banana oatmeal from these bananas.

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