Do you sometimes find that the bananas sitting on your countertop have got too ripe and you wonder what to do with them? Well, there are multiple different delicious recipes you can make from ripe or overripe bananas.

Banana Balls

I’ve penned down 6 of my favourite recipes that you can make using ripe or overripe bananas.

From ice cream, to tasty treats, banana loaf, pancakes and more, here are the recipes below!

8 Recipes Using Ripe and Overripe Bananas

1. Peanut Butter and Banana Ice Cream


  • 4 large overripe bananas
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter


Chop the bananas up into pieces and place on a try and freeze until solid. Then, once solid, add into a blender and blend until you get a creamy mixture. While blending, add in the peanut butter.

Once you get a creamy mixture, pour into a container and freeze for a few hours before scooping out into a bowl.

Tip: You can add in a few chocochips, before freezing, if you wish to.

2. Banana Balls


  • 2 cups rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup mashed banana or 1 banana
  • 1/2 cup almonds
  • 1/2 cup pecans
  • 1/3 cup honey or maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • /4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt


Add all the ingredients to a food processor or blender. Blend until well combined.

Next, scoop into small balls and roll it in between your hands. Then, place the balls onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper and freeze for an hour or two. Once the banana balls are frozen, transfer into an airtight container and freeze. Defrost about 20 minutes before consuming them.

Cinnamon Banana Bread

3. Banana Bread


  • 2 medium sized overripe bananas
  • ¼ cup melted butter or coconut oil
  • ¾ tsp baking powder
  • ¼ tsp baking soda
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • ¼ tsp vanilla extract
  • ¾ cups whole wheat flour
  • dash of cinnamon powder
  • A pinch of salt


Into a mixing bowl, first smash the bananas well with a fork, until it becomes a paste. Then, add in the melted butter, beaten egg, vanilla extra and sugar and give it a good mix. Next fold in the flour, baking soda and cinnamon powder and gently mix.

Then, pour into a greased baking tin (a loaf tin preferably) and bake at 350 degrees in a pre-heated oven for around 40 minutes or until a poked toothpick comes out clean.

4. Flax Banana Cookies


  • 2 cups flaxseed powder
  • 2 medium sized ripe bananas
  • 6 tbsp peanut butter
  • 40 grams chocolate chips


Into a mixing bowl, add in the bananas and mash them with a fork until soft and without lumps. Then, add in the peanut butter and give it a good mix.

Next, add in the rolled oats and the chocolate chips and mix well until combined.

Thereafter, pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees and on a baking tray lined with parchment paper, use a scoop and make even sized cookie dough balls and place them on the tray (with a gap of around 3 inches between each ball).

Then, take a flat-bottomed glass and press down to flatten the cookies and bake for about 12 to 14 minutes.

Healthy Banana Cookies

5. Healthy Banana Cookies


  • 1/4 cup peanut butter or nut butter
  • 1 small banana, mashed until no clumps remain
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1-2 tbsp coconut flour or oats flour
  • pinch of sea salt (optional)
  • 1 Tbsp maple syrup ( optional)

Recipe –

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mash banana in a large bowl until no clumps remain Add in peanut butter, banana, and cinnamon and mix well to combine. You might find the cookie batter is too runny to form into balls so simply add 1 tablespoon of coconut flour at a time and stir until your batter begins to form into a dough. Scoop in 1 ½ tablespoon balls of dough onto the prepared cookie sheet. Flatten the cookies. Bake 8-10 minutes. Let cool and enjoy!

5. Berry Banana Smoothie


  • 1 cup frozen ripe or overripe bananas
  • ½ cup frozen berries
  • ½ cup milk or yogurt
  • Honey to taste


Into a blender, add in the frozen bananas, berries and milk or yogurt and give it a good blend until it becomes smooth. Then, add in some honey to taste and give it a quick blend until smooth and creamy. Transfer into a glass and its ready to consume.

6. Banana Oatmeal Pancakes


  • 1 ripe or overripe banana
  • ¾ cup oats
  • ¼ cup milk
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • ¼ tsp cinnamon powder
  • ¼ tsp vanilla essence
  • 1 egg


Into a bowl, add in the banana and mash it well. Then, add in the oats, milk, oil, cinnamon powder, vanilla essence and the egg. Blend using a hand mixer (or a mixer blender) until smooth. The pancake batter is ready.

Then, pour small dollops into a greased pan and flip sides until the pancake has well browned.

Banana Pudding

8. Banana Pudding

  • 3 tbsp Sugar
  • 2 ripe banana
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp Sugar
  • 200 ml Milk

Recipe –

Take 3 tbsp sugar in a pan and Caramelize the sugar. Immediately pour into a mould. (6-8 inch). Keep side. Let the caramelized sugar set.

Add 2 ripe banana, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp sugar and 200 ml milk to a blender jar and blend until smooth. Strain this batter. Pour this in the mould, that has the caramelized sugar. Cover the mould with aluminium foil. Completely seal the mould.

In a large vessel (a pan), place a stand. Keep the mould on the stand. Add boiling water to the pan. So, that half of the mould should be covered in boiling water. Place a cover on top of the pan. Let it steam for 30 mins on medium flame.

Turnoff the flame and Let it cool down. Keep the banana pudding in the fridge for 1 hour. Demould the banana pudding, cut it into slices and enjoy.