Have you ever noticed a rather unusual smell coming from your car? Burning rubber, the smell of gasoline maybe?

10 Car Smells to Watch Out For| Warning Signs

Well, most of us drive or own cars, but little do we realize that sometimes these smells which we often ignore, may actually be warning signs of a fuel tank leak, a leaking engine coolant, a problem with your brakes, an oil leak etc.

So, let us discuss some of the car smells you should watch out for, as they may be warning signals for you to get immediate inspection by a professional mechanic!

10 Car Smells to Watch Out For

1. Burning Rubber Smell

If your car smells like burning rubber, it could mean that the drive belts or the hoses in the car, are rubbing against the rotating pulleys. Also, in case your clutch has overheated, you could get this smell.

2. There is a Persistent Gasoline Smell

In case there’s a persistent gasoline smell (similar to the smell when you fill your tank at a gas station), then this could mean that there’s a gas leak. It could mean there’s a leak in the fuel injectors or in the gas tank. It could also signify an oncoming fire hazard.

3. The Smell of a Burning Carpet

For times when there is the smell of a burning carpet from your car, well, this could mean that there’s a problem with the brakes of your car. This is a very critical feature in your car and has to be paid immediate attention to.

4. There’s A Sweet Smell, Similar to Syrup

If there’s a leak in the engine coolant/the coolant system of the car, this smell is common. This could lead to overheating of the car and could end up in a breakdown.

5. A Rotten Egg Smell

When you get a rotten egg smell in the car, this means that your car’s catalytic converter is not functioning properly. The engine exhaust isn’t converted properly and could lead to severe car damage if not repaired in time, which can be an expensive affair.

6. There’s a Burning Oil Smell

If there’s an oil leak, there could be the smell of burning oil. One of the best way to check for an oil leak, is to check for any drips/leaks of oil on your driveway, once the car has been turned on. Nevertheless, it must be checked out by a mechanic.

7. The Smell of Mildew or Mold

When there’s trouble with the AC of your car, the car will begin to smell of mildew or mold. While it will not have any effect on the working/mechanics of your vehicle, it isn’t healthy to keep the AC running in the car with this kind of smell. Also, it could ruin your car’s air conditioning system completely.

8. Burnt Plastic Smell

If you get the smell of burnt plastic, then it could mean that there are some wires that could be worn out or eaten up by rodents. This could also lead to an electric short. When there’s a meltdown in the insulation of the wires, there will be the persistent smell of burning plastic.

9. The Exhaust Smell

When there are strong fumes or a strong smell from the exhaust, then it can mean that there’s a leak in the exhaust system of the car. It can lead to an increase in the carbon monoxide leaves in the car and this can be dangerous to the passengers. It needs to be attended to right away.

10. The Smell of Campfire

If you get the smell of campfire, which is like burning wood or burning paper, then this could mean that the clutch needs to be repaired or replaced.