The last thing you should be doing is living in a cluttered space. Be it your home office room, bedroom, kitchen or dining room, a decluttered space is always essential.

Ways to Declutter Your House the Right Way

Living in a cluttered space or even the presence of clutter itself can often be a cause of stress and anxiety. It can give you less mental space because it is hard to focus in a cluttered area.

Thus, let us discuss some of the best ways you can declutter your house in the right way!

Ways to Declutter Your House the Right Way

How to Declutter the Living Room?

  • Get rid of old magazines and novels/books that have been already read.
  • Give away old newspapers.
  • Donate old cushions and couch pillows that you’re no longer using.
  • Art work that doesn’t suit your living room can be donated or sold at a garage sale.
  • Get rid of old and excess electronics.

How to Declutter the Bedroom?

  • Clean your cupboard and donate old socks, stockings, gloves, clothes that aren’t fitting anymore etc.
  • Get rid of hangers that are in excess.
  • Give away old or unused hats, scarves etc.
  • Donate old jewelry that is no longer in use.
  • Give away accessories like clips, combs, sunglasses, rubber bands, scrunchies, headbands and more, that is no longer in use.
  • Give away pillows, bedsheets, blankets etc., if they’re no longer in use.

How to Declutter the Bathroom?

  • Go through your medicine cabinet and check out for medicines that have expired and discard them.
  • Get rid of dried make up, old and expired products and cosmetics.
  • Donate old bath towels and hand towels if they’re no longer in use.
  • Donate shower curtains, bath mats etc., if they’re no longer in use.

How to Declutter the Office/Study?

  • Throw away dried pens, pencil shavings, old batteries etc.
  • Give away books that you’ve finished reading and are no longer needed.
  • Donate study books and study-relate materials that have been finished with.
  • Throw away bills, old sticky notes, paper scraps, old gift cards, coupons, not required business cards etc.

How to Declutter the Kitchen?

  • Throw away expired and old food items from the cabinets, the pantry and from the refrigerator and deep freeze as well.
  • Give away or donate unwanted kitchen gadgets.
  • Discard old kitchen gadgets that aren’t working anymore.
  • Donate or discard old and unused cookbooks that you do not need or require any longer.
  • Discard containers that do not have lids (those which you cannot find and do not need for any other purpose).
  • Donate single-use utensils, plates, cups and more, that you no longer require.
  • Throw away old products, spices, preserves, pickles and other condiments that are no longer in use or have expired.
  • Donate excess cookware and glass ware that are no longer in use, especially if you have bought new ones.
  • Throw away unused take out menus of restaurants, that you do not need anymore.