Black seed oil is made from cold pressing black seeds or nigella seeds (also known as ‘kalonji’ seeds in India) and is well-known for its benefits right from its culinary usages to health, beauty and medicinal benefits.


Therefore if you are looking out for an oil to give you that perfect and clear skin, black seed oil is the right one!

Here are the benefits of black seed oil:

1. Fights premature signs of ageing:

Black seeds contain a phytochemical compound called ‘thymoquinone’ that contains proteins, alkaloids and saponins that can help slow down the aging process of cells. this means that using black seed oil for the face can help prevent and reduce the signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Can help unclog pores:

Black seed oil contains fatty acids like linolenic acid, oleic acid etc that help to flush out the excessive oils produced by our sebaceous glands, which collect and clog the pores. When the pores get clogged, the chance of developing acne and having breakouts are more as dirt and bacteria can get trapped in the clogged pores. This black seed oil can help create healthy skin cells that can dissolve the excess oil clogged in the pores.

3.Clear Acne:

Black seed oil is rich in antioxidant properties which are beneficial to the skin as it can help fight oxidative stress and free radical damage on the skin (which can contribute to quicker ageing and skin damage).  The anti-inflammatory properties can also help soothe irritated skin, prevent, treat and reduce acne and breakouts and calm the skin.

4.  Rich in essential vitamins and minerals:

Black seed oil contains minerals like iron, zinc, copper etc that play a very essential role in maintaining good skin health. The vitamins A, B and C present in black seed oil can help retain moisture in the skin, reducing dry skin and can help maintain skin elasticity in the long run. Therefore, using black seed oil can help improve skin tone, complexion and skin appearance because of its rich mineral and vitamin content. Add black seed oil in your cooking or on your salads.

5. Can help reduce dark spots and pigmentation:

Black seed oil can help reduce and fade away dark spots and pigmentation because of the vitamin A, essential amino acids and fatty acids present in black seeds. Together, these substances present in black seed oil contribute to promote better skin and skin regeneration, in turn reducing the discoloration of the skin. For topical uses, black seed oil can be massaged onto the skin. READ MORE – 5 NATURAL FACE CLEANSERS for a healthy, clear and glowing skin

6. Can help reduce skin infections:

The topical application of black seed oil can help reduce the skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.



This serum contains aloe vera gel and rose water which are very effective ingredients contributing towards clear skin.

Aloe vera gel absorbs easily into the skin and can help moisturize dry skin, soothe skin irritation, prevent acne and pimples and fight signs of aging. A lot of people suffer from skin problems like rash or acne. Aloe vera gel can act as an anti-acne medicine. It contains vitamin C and vitamin E which are helpful to keep one’s skin healthy and radiant.

Rose water has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help reduce acne and breakouts and soothe irritated skin. It can help cleanse the skin and give it a radiant glow. It can help reduce excess oiliness on the skin.


  • 4 tbsp aloe vera gel
  • 3 tbsp organic cold pressed black seed oil
  • 2 tsp rose water


Into a mixing bowl, add in the aloe vera gel and black seed oil and mix well until the consistency changes and becomes thicker. Then add in the rose water and mix it well until properly combined. Then pour into a storage container.

For application: Apply this all over your face and gently massage it in for few mins before going to bed. READ MORE – SKIN GLOW FACE MIST – clear and glowing skin


Black seed oil is generally safe, but doing a patch test before complete application on the skin, is advisable, especially if you have sensitive skin. if any irritation is caused, rinse off immediately and discontinue its usage with immediate effect.