‘Akala Palitya’ or premature greying of those hair strands is a clear indication of ‘pitta dosha’ in the body. There can be a variety of nutritional, psychological and environmental factors contributing to greying of hair. Medical conditions (like Albinism and Vitiligo), genetic factors, use of chemicals (like hair bleaching or excessive use of hair colour) and hormonal issues (like thyroid problems, pregnancy) are also often responsible for aggravating this problem. Are you looking for remedies to help deal with greying hair? Ayurveda can certainly come to your rescue! Keep reading to know about some of the time-tested herbal remedies and natural treatments:

Ayurvedic Remedies to stop and reverse Grey Hair


Boil 50g curry leaves or neem leaves in 500 ml coconut oil or any other oil thoroughly and then allow this mixture to cool down. Strain it and use the oil to massage your scalp and hair. Wash off with a gentle herbal shampoo after half-an-hour.
Why Is This Remedy Effective? Coconut oil, along with curry leaves, supply your hair with calcium while nourishing the hair roots and correcting melanin formation.

You can either use Bhringraj oil for scalp massage by mixing bhringraj with castor oil. Castor oil is effective to darken hair naturally. You can also add Bhringraj powder to your hair packs to help reduce hair loss and retain hair color. You can even apply Bhringraj paste on your scalp twice every week and shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo after 20 minutes.
Why Is This Remedy Effective? Bhringraj, which helps in correcting metabolism and restoring natural hair color, is a natural remedy for hair greying.


Rice in sulfur onion not only stops hair fall but also helps to darken your naturally. READ MORE – ONION TO FIGHT GREY HAIR

Henna is perhaps one of the best-known methods for hair coloring. Soak the henna powder in black tea liquor overnight in an iron bowl and use it on hair the next day. You can add amla powder to this mixture to add to its conditioning properties.
Why Is This Remedy Effective? Henna helps coat each hair shaft and creates a protective layer. It not only imparts color, but it also conditions the hair. 

This amazing herb not only improves hair growth but also helps treat hair greying. READ MORE – AMLA FOR EXTREME HAIR GROWTH – BENEFITS AND WAYS TO USE


Shiro’ in Sanskrit, means head and ‘Dhara’ refers to pouring as a stream. Shirodhara treatment is a treatment for Pitta Dosha and is effective in reducing stress, soothing the nervous system and curing insomnia. It involves the pouring of liquid in the form of oil (Shiro Taila Dhara) or buttermilk (Takra Dhara) on the forehead, combined with head, scalp and body massage.


Pradhanakarma is one of the main steps of the Nasya treatment, in which lukewarm medication is applied through nostrils. The shoulders, soles, neck, palms and ears are massaged gently during the procedure. Yashtimadhu, neem or shadbindu are some of the oils used during this therapy and when medicine is applied through nostrils, it directly impacts the blood circulation as well as the nervous system, thereby relieving blockage.


This Ayurvedic treatment involves the application of herbal paste on the head (crown) and hair massage with medicated oils. This treatment helps treat hair greying, hair fall and promotes detoxification.