Stop hair fall and regrow thinning hair with these natural remedies that helps to promote thicker hair, repair damaged hair, moisturizes and adds shine to the hair.


GREEN TEA HAIR RINSE – Green tea helps to reduce dihydrotestosterone (DTH), that is responsible for hair loss. It promotes hair growth and also repairs damaged hair. Drink a cup of green tea everyday and also brew a cup of green tea and pour it on your hair after your hair wash. Massage it into the scalp and leave it on, do not rinse off.

OIL – Onion contains sulfur that helps to stop hair fall, receding hairline and also clear dandruff effectively. Use onion juice or onion oil 2-3 times a week for a natural thinning hair remedy. READ MORE – ONION OIL TO STOP HAIR FALL

You can also use black seed oil along with rosemary essential oil as an overnight hair treatment for healthy hair growth. DERMA ROLLER – Derma rolling or micro-needling helps to treat hair loss and even alopecia. Derma roller helps induce stem cells in the scalp that lead to hair growth. Use a good quality derma roller and just use it once a week.

HAIR STEAMING – You can steam you hair at home with a towel and some hot water or you can also buy hair steaming caps online. Hair steaming adds moisture to your roots and hair shaft . It leaves your hair soft and your scalp healthy for hair growth. READ MORE – HAIR STEAMING – how-to and benefits

Hair growth juice recipe –

AMLA JUICE – Amla is a rich source of vitamin C that is essential for healthy hair growth and beautiful skin. Eat an amla every day or make amla juice that is beneficial to your skin and hair health.

RICE HAIR SPRAY – Rice water is the best way to improve hair growth. It is rich in essential proteins, minerals & vitamins that help build collagen production and increase blood flow to the scalp. READ MORE – OVERNIGHT RICE WATER HAIR SPRAY FOR FASTER HAIR GROWTH

ALOE VERA MASK – Aloe vera deep cleans the scalp, unclogs hair follicles and keep your scalp healthy resulting in healthy hair growth. Use fresh aloe vera gel from the plant, blend it with rice water or coconut oil. Apply this mask on your scalp for 30 mins before hair wash. Use this twice a week.

INVERSION METHOD – An age-old remedy to increase hair growth is to follow an inversion method along with scalp massage. Follow all the steps mentioned here – INVERSION METHOD – GROW YOUR HAIR 1 INCH IN A WEEK

For healthy hair stop using commercial shampoo with SLS and parabens, instead, use natural ingredients to wash your hair.