Sesame seeds are the edible seeds which are got from the pods of the flowering Sesame plant and also called ‘Benne’. Sesame seeds are one of the oldest oilseed crops (seeds from which oil is extracted) and one of the highest oil contents of any seeds. It has a rich nutty flavour and is often used as a topping embedded in burger buns, in Indian sweets, add  it to Western tahini etc.This seed is also used very often for culinary purposes. These sesame seeds are also known as til seeds, from which sesame oil is made. Sesame oil is also often known as gingelly oil.


Here are the benefits of sesame seeds:

Rich source of Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine):

Sesame seeds are a rich source of vitamin B6 which is important for the central nervous system and metabolic functioning. It helps to turn food into energy and regulates proper cell functioning. Vitamin B6 is important for optimal health and can be helpful in treating chronic diseases. So the body requires vitamin B6 to regulate and improve one’s mood, promote brain health, prevent and treat anemia, prevent heart diseases, promote eye health, etc.

For general health and immunity:

Sesame seeds are rich in antioxidants and contain vitamin E and compounds (like lignans, sesamol and sesaminol known as phytonutrients or plant compounds) which can help fight free radicals (unstable molecules which can build up in cells and cause damage to the other molecules such as DNA, lipids, proteins etc) in the body, which can thereby help in reducing the body’s risk of developing chronic diseases.

Good for thyroid health:

The thyroid gland is a vital hormone that plays a major role in the metabolism growth and development in the human body. It produces hormones that can help regulate the body’s metabolic rate which controls the heart, muscles, digestive functioning, brain development and maintenance of healthy bones. Sesame seeds are rich source of selenium and the thyroid gland contains the highest concentration of selenium than any organ in the body. In addition to this, sesame seeds are rich in iron, copper, zinc and vitamin B6. These substances can support the production of thyroid hormones and also promote thyroid health.

Have anti-inflammatory properties

Arthritis is inflammation of the joints and it can cause pain, swelling and stiffness. Sesame seeds are rich in zinc and copper content and can help the body produce red blood cells (as their lifespan can be reduced due to rheumatoid arthritis) and improve the body’s blood circulation. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help relieve the pain and swelling in the joints and strengthen the bones. READ MORE – Top 5 hair oils to stop hair fall and grow thicker hair


Can reduce the risk of heart disease:

Sesame seeds can help lower the risk of developing heart diseases and can help reduce LDL (low-density lipoproteins) or bad cholesterol levels and triglycerides (a type of fat found in the blood), which are important in the protection of the heart.

6. Other health benefits:

To prevent cancer: Sesame seeds contain magnesium and phytates, which have string anti-carcinogenic properties.  Carcinogens are substances that can  promote carcinogenesis, the formation of cancer.

PCOS and weight loss benefits:  Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects women’s hormone levels and can cause irregular or skipped menstrual periods and difficulty in getting pregnant. Consuming sesame seeds can  help tame PCOS symptoms and restore hormonal imbalance, while also keeping one’s weight in check.

Here are different ways you can use sesame seeds:

  • To make sesame seed oil: This oil has various benefits like – treatment of arthritis and provides relief from other types of joint pain, for hair growth, as a makeup remover and skin moisturizer. READ MORE – SESAME OIL to whiten teeth, hair growth, boost immunity and more
  • To add them in your granola bars or cereals to enhance its nutritional value and reap its benefits.
  • To add them in Indian sweet preparations.
  • To add them in smoothies, health drinks, tahini and other culinary items.

Caution: Some people may experience allergies due to consumption of sesame seeds. Please consult your doctor or discontinue its consumption if it causes you any sort of irritation.