Are you getting “bugged” by the bugs around your house? Well, you could try growing some of these plants in your house and keep the bugs away!


Some people aren’t plant lovers and therefore taking care of plants for them is a hassle. Here are some plants that are rugged and do not need high maintenance but can still do the job of keeping the bugs away. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Check out these plants below:

  1. Mother-in-law’s tongue:

This plant is quite well-known to be one of the toughest plants to have in your house. It is also called as ‘Sansevieria’ and they come in different varieties. They do require sunlight preferably, but they can also be kept indoors with lesser exposure to light. They do not require to be watered often. By often, it means once in 8 to 10 days! So do not over water them and just leave them be while you enjoy a bug free home. The bugs stay away from this plant as it has tough leaves.

Tip: If you feel like your plant requires water, the best way to check is by touching the soil. If it seems dry and crumbly, you can water it with just a little water.

  1. Lemongrass:

I’m sure many homes suffer from the mosquito menace. Trust me, nothing is more annoying than this small creature ruining your whole night’s precious sleep! so all you can do is grow the lemongrass plant in your house and it will do the trick. Lemongrass contains a natural oil called citronella. This can keep the mosquitoes away. These plants can be planted in a pot in your balcony garden or even directly into the soil in your outdoor garden. It does require a relatively sunny location. These plants require to be watered just once in two days and they’re good to go. Also, this plant has an added benefit. You can add it to your food like in meat dishes, soups or even into the water while brewing yourself a cup of tea.

  1. Mint:

I’m sure you have all herd of this plant and even used it probably. This plant is very effective in keeping pests of all sorts away, like mosquitoes, larvae, mites, ants, spiders etc. Mint contains a compound called menthol. This ingredient acts as a natural pesticide and pest-repellent. Mint can be grown in any type of soil and requires sufficient natural light. These plants need to be watered at least once a day. Mint needs to be planted separately as they are an invasive species and require sufficient place to grow. The added benefit of growing mint is the fact that you can use it for culinary purposes or even as a flavouring agent. READ MORE – LIST OF TOP ESSENTIAL OILS TO GET RID OF BUGS

  1. Marigolds:

These beautiful flowers look most definitely ornamental, but are one of the best and most well-known insect repelling plants. The scent of the marigold is disliked by the bugs, insects and worms and can keep them at bay. Marigolds can also be beneficial to attract certain insects (like ladybugs) that can attack and kill aphids (the small bugs that can feed on your plants and cause damage to healthy plants).

These plants need to be watered only when the uppermost layer of the soil they are planted in turn dry and crumbly. But when you do water them, then see that you water them sufficiently aiming at the base of the plant. Do not over water.

  1. Carnivores plants:

Well you most definitely read that right! There are many species of carnivores plants all around the world. These plants can keep bugs away by feeding on them. Here are some of them –

  • Pitcher plant: These plants have prey trapping modified leaves.
  • Venus fly trap: These plants have leaves which can trap the insect shut between them.
  • Cobra Lily: These plants use nectar to lure insects into their pitcher traps.
  • Sundews: Commonly known as drosera, these plants can attract bugs by the raindrop looking substances on their leaves, which aren’t actually water droplets, but sticky glue like substances that trap the insects.
  1. Basil:

Basil is another herb that has a pungent smell that can help repel insects. These plants do require sufficient sunlight and good soil to grow well, but can be grown directly in outdoor soil or even in pots in your balcony garden. These plants do require to be watered often. Adding to its insect repelling benefits, it can also be a useful herb in your kitchen. READ MORE  – MORNING DRINK FOR HEALTHY GLOWING GLASS SKIN

So you can consider growing some of these plants at home and keep bugs away.