Did you know that your belly button or the navel could be a key to better health? Considering that the umbilical cord connects the baby in the womb with the mother and the belly button is instrumental to this attachment through which the baby derives its sustenance for life, the belly button, in a way connects each one of us to life itself. This belly button is thus the passage to healing your body, calming your mind and curing a variety of health problems.

Oiling The Belly Button To Treat Health And Beauty Problems

Benefits Of Oiling The Belly Button

Oiling the belly button is a miraculous way of keeping daily ailments away. When you oil your belly button, you actually nourish the nerve endings and the veins, that in turn naturally cure your body from a variety of illnesses. Wondering how to cure your body through the belly button? Check out some of the easy yet effective ways to treat some of the most common beauty problems and health issues:

Oiling The Belly Button To Treat Ailments

Apply neem oil, rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants, in the navel to treat blemishes, white spots, pimples and acne. Known for its medicinal properties, neem oil application also helps cure intestinal worms, itching, rashes and infections.

Mustard oil, rich in Omega 3, Omega 6, Vitamin E, PUFA, MUFA and minerals, can be applied in the belly button to heal chapped lips. It is also effective in treating cough, nose congestion, throat infection, and a feeling of tiredness. Massage a few drops of mustard oil in and around the belly button for few mins in a circular motion.

Coconut oil, perhaps one of the most commonly used oils in Indian households, can be safely applied to the belly button to treat cold, give you better eyesight, provide relief from menstrual cramps and even boost your fertility. Dip a cotton ball in the mixture of coconut oil with food-grade ginger oil and apply it on your belly button to soothe period cramps. READ MORE – 10 Benefits and ways to use coconut oil for healthy hair and scalp

Apply few drops of ghee ( clarified butter ) or raw honey to your belly button to treat dry skin. Apply food-grade castor oil in the navel to relieve stomach pain, constipation, knee pain, and back pain. Almond oil, a powerhouse of proteins and Vitamin E keeps your skin hydrated, fades wrinkles, and treats dry lips.

Rubbing castor oil in your belly button may bring several benefits. These include easing pain, treat constipation, support digestion, improve skin, boost hair growth, fortifying the immune system, treat ulcer, aiding detox, and helping to relax for better sleep.

Extra Tips For Oiling The Belly Button: Dos And Don’ts

  • Ensure that your belly button is cleaned of trapped dirt in order to make the most of this method.
  • If you are thinking of using an essential oil, it is highly recommended that you test if it suits you and then, try mixing essential oils with your carrier oil. Never apply essential oil directly into the navel.
  • Oiling the belly button isn’t a substitute for your regular health checkups and visits to physicians. While it certainly helps combat certain ailments, please see the doctor if you are suffering from a disease that’s a serious cause of concern.
  • Ask your doctor before you decide to oil your belly button during pregnancy. Consult your doctor regarding which oil should be safe for you. READ MORE – Turmeric Overnight Remedies for clear skin