If you’ve been having quick oats for breakfast, well, maybe this article can be a good read for you to know why steel cut oats should be your go-to breakfast bowl, instead of quick oats.

Well, while quick oats or even rolled oats are good breakfast meals to have, the best oats you could consume are steel cut oats because they have even more benefits than any other type of oats.

Have This Oats for Weight Loss

Steel cut oats are those innermost kernels of whole oats, which are further cut down into smaller pieces. They are coarse in texture and have a nutty flavor with a chewy bite.

The best part about using steel cut oats is that they can be used as a replacement in any oatmeal recipe, instead of quick oats or rolled oats, while you reap double the benefits!

Here are the benefits of consuming steel cut oats:

  1. Good for those with diabetes

Steel cut oats can help lower the levels of blood sugar in the body. They are complex carbohydrates that can help in the breaking down of sugar in the body and reduce its speed. Steel cut oats has a low glycemic index and can thereby help in the successful management of diabetes.

  1. Helps improve digestion

Steel cut oats are very rich in their fibre content and fibre is very essential for digestion. A proper digestion can help keep at bay problems like bloating gastric, indigestion etc. It can also treat conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or IBS.

  1. Helps control cholesterol

Consuming steel cut oats can help control the cholesterol levels by lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, that can clog the arteries and can thereafter lead to other problems like heart attack, stroke, etc.

  1. Can protect the body against cancer

Steel cut oats often acts as an anti-cancer as it contains a lignin called enterolactone that contains antioxidants like phytochemicals in them which can help get rid of free radicals from the body that can otherwise be a cause for cancer.

  1. Helps keep one’s body weight in check

Steel cut oats is rich in fibre and can help keep weight under control because fibre promotes a feeling of fullness in the stomach. Therefore, when the person is full, he/she lacks appetite and will consume lesser food. This will therefore mean less calorie intake and enhanced weight management.

  1. Can promote better skin health

Steel cut oats is high in its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can help keep the skin clear and also treat acne successfully by reducing the excess oil on the skin. Steel cut oats contains the compounds saponins that act has natural cleansing agents for the skin and can promote a healthy and glowing skin.

  1. Helps boost one’s body immunity

Building bodily immunity is very essential in order to maintain good health and stay away from all sorts of diseases both minor and major as well. Well, consuming steel cut oats can benefit the overall immune system functioning as they contain neutrophils that can help fight any infections in the body.

  1. Can improve and boost the body’s energy levels

Consuming steel cut oats can help boost one’s energy levels to a great extent, as oats is rich in protein and other nutrients. This is why most people consume steel cut oats in the morning and it can give them sustained energy throughout the day.